Whitesburg KY

Agnes Maggard in cast, wheelchair

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hope all of you are having a good week.

Mine has been kind of busy. My brother, Archie Ray Fields, had his small toe taken off May 31 at Whitesburg ARH. He is doing better. He still needs to go to Pikeville to see about his leg. Keep him in prayer.

Doug Sturgill had emergency open-heart surgery at Pikeville. He is home and doing better. Continue to keep him and Dana in prayer.

My husband and I went to Johnson City, Tenn., to see an audiologist. He has hearing loss in both ears. Not sure if he will get hearing aids or not.

Nezalene Day died in Indiana last week from cancer. Keep her family in prayer. She was the daughter of the late Celia Maggard, but I cannot remember her dad’s name. She was married to Eugene Day. My husband and I used to attend church with them in Dupont, Ind. She was real sweet.

Eddie Wolfe will have surgery this week at Pikeville on his neck. Keep him and Kathy in prayer, and pray that the surgery will go well and that he will regain full use of his arm.

Agnes Maggard has a broken foot and has a cast up to her knee. She’s using a wheelchair to get around. Bill Maggard is doing some better. They still need our prayers.

Audrey and Charles Hammonds are doing a little better. Keep them in prayer.

Irene Day is still not doing very well. Eugene stays busy working in the yard. Keep them in prayer.

Kim Hoskins needs prayer. She has back trouble, a kidney infection and is dehydrated. Her husband, Roger, helped with building the ramp at Archie’s. It was omitted in last week’s paper for some reason. Sorry.

Herb and Linda Fields have a wedding anniversary on June 10. Congratulations to them. Herb has been having some back trouble. Keep him in prayer.

I saw Ruby Lewis at a yard sale last Saturday. She is doing well. Lots of yard sales were going on that day, and we found a few good bargains.

Ruby Jean Maggard is in the hospital. She really needs everyone’s prayers. The last I heard she was in ICU at Whitesburg.

My husband laughs at me because most of my article this week is about prayer. I told him a person never gets too many prayers. We live in such a sad, depressing world that it doesn’t hurt to keep everyone in prayer. “Seven days without prayer makes one weak.” So of you are able, pray for someone on bended knee. If not, just whisper a name to God. He knows what we have need of.

Keep me in prayer. I am not as close to God as I once was. I believe in Him, but I have lost my desire to be in church, and a lot of that has a lot to do with how I have been treated in some churches.

I know there are still good ones out there, but I seem to find the ones where there is always someone stirring up trouble, and then they leave after they run people off. It is just not the same, going back afterward, so I have been very hesitant about going anywhere.

So keep my family and me in prayer that the Lord will lead us and guide us in the right direction. We both have been Christians for over 30 years and have been faithful and workers in the church, giving tithes and getting along with just about everyone.

Well, everyone have a good week and I love everyone.

Take care until next time.

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