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Agnes Maggard marking birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all had a good week.

I have not been feeling good for a few days, just tired all the time and my legs aching. It runs in the family, or I’m just getting too old (I hate to think of that).

I made a mistake last week when I said that Willie Hampton had a birthday. Sorry for the confusion. I had it on my calendar, but his sister Amber, corrected me. He lives in Tennessee.

I want to wish my cousin, Agnes Maggard, a happy birthday May 5. She lives in Columbus, Ind., with her husband, Bill. Hopefully she has a great day.

James Boyd was in Whitesburg the other day with his daughter, who was having her nails and hair done for the prom. I wish I had met him. He is a son of Marie Johnson Boyd (formerly of Little Cowan), who lives in Dante, Va. Hopefully she is doing okay. I haven’t talked with her for awhile on the phone.

Katie Dollarhide stopped by for a little while and brought me some different flower seeds. I appreciate it very much.

Donna Frazier Thomas of Isom died last week. She was one of the twin daughters of the late Ralph and Lillian Frazier of Cowan. She was just a baby when I moved away. Our sympathy goes out to Freddie and Joyce and the rest of her family and friends. Everidge Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.

Melinda Daniel went to Hindman last week to spend time with her maternal grandmother, Chloe Hall, and her Aunt Dale. She was really missed by Mike.

Carla (Tony) Maggard of Cowan needs our prayers. She has really been sick and can’t seem to get well. She has her plate full. Pray for all of her family as well.

Paige Brown came by the other evening with her papaw. She showed us a little, bitty turtle that she was taking to someone. It was cute, but I am not a turtle lover like my granddaughter is. I know when Becca comes down for the summer she will take every one home that she finds.

Prayer list this week besides those previously mentioned: Bill King, Archie Ray Fields, Irene Day, Eugene Day, Charles and Audrey Hammonds, Meryle Landrum, Mike Fields, James and I, our children and grandchildren, and Hazel Rayburn.

Please pray for all the churches that are falling away — some because of the leadership and others because of disgruntled people who are just not satisfied and cause trouble for those who are trying to live right and set an example for their children and grandchildren so they will grow up and serve the Lord, but with all the confusion and trouble always going on, they decide it is not for them.

All believers need to fall on their knees and pray for these churches. God is not the author of confusion — Satan is.

Man, this past month has flown by. Here it is at the end of the month. The prom and, first part of May, school will be out and graduation.

Emily McIntosh will graduate from eighth grade. It’s hard to believe she will be a freshman next year.

Sierra Dollarhyde will graduate from high school. Who would have thought she was old enough? She loves Slim Jim’s (jerky), so if you can’t think of a graduation gift . . . Ha! She is a daughter of Broy Dollarhide and Pam and Marvin Taylor, and has a brother, Greg (I think he will be a freshman). Her grandparents are Judy and Astor Fields and Letha Dollarhide, all of Cowan.

Congratulations to all those graduating, and hopefully they will have a bright and happy future.

Well, time to go until next week. Be good to yourself and one another, and may God bless.

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