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Partly sunny

Agrees with James Lewis, likes Harrop

My wife and I live in Southport, N.C., and are in our second year of receiving a subscription to The Mountain Eagle compliments of our Uncle Bob of Eolia. We thoroughly enjoy The Eagle despite Uncle Bob being the only connection we have to Letcher County.

I was moved to write to you after reading the Jan. 12 issue (Vol. 103, No. 145), in particular the wonderful piece written by Mr. James Lewis of Whitesburg entitled: “U.S. Trade Relationship with China,” the opinions of which I agree 100%. I wish this piece could be published in every mainstream newspaper in the country, including my own local StarNews of Wilmington, N.C.

Another article in this issue I found compelling was Froma Harrop’s “Crazy gunman, political attack.” With this kind of writing, Froma should have a regular voice in mainstream op-ed pieces across the country.

I consider myself a political middle of the roader depending on the issue — liberal on some, conservative on others, middle of the road on balance. I agree wholeheartedly with both Mr. Lewis and Ms. Harrop, wherever that may land me in someone’s political spectrum. JOSEPH H. SEELINGER Southport, N.C.

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