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All drivers should be subject to drug testing

To The Editor

Someone put cockleburs in my bed and I had a rough time trying getting some much needed rest, so I figured I may as well make a lot of people mad at me.

Someone was upset just a tad because someone stepped on their sore toe when they mentioned something about check drawers being drug tested. Why shouldn’t they be drug screened? They’re no better than anyone else, especially those who are not on the draw.

More and more of the truck drivers are being randomly drug screened. Personally, I think all drivers should be randomly drug screened, whether they drive trucks – including county and state, coal, log, equipment movers, delivery trucks, etc. Also, anyone privileged to drive automobiles. It should definitely apply to school bus drivers and child care providers. It should include hospitals and nursing homes.

I realize this would be a lot of inconvenience to some, but doing it randomly would also expose a lot of users, and it would cost a lot of money. But think of all the innocent lives that would be saved and think of the benefits, also. Many innocent little children are being denied even the barest necessities in life.

I am not leaving out any of the labor force, either, from miners to loggers to food service workers to teachers. Some of the coal mining companies – or shall we say corporations? – will simply call for a certain worker to be transported to the portal or drift mouth with no hint of what is to come. Some of these men simply quit and leave rather than take a drug test. To me, that is the same as an Alford plea.

It doesn’t matter if we have dozens of people like Sheriff Danny Webb, who I think is doing a fine job, if the general public doesn’t or is hesitant to get involved. Things didn’t used to be as they are now. Not only are drugs and alcohol running rampant, our economy has gone to the dogs.

I am an old man, a cripple in some people’s eyes, and I know that I will never live to see it, but public floggings would certainly put an end to a lot of the misdemeanors committed every day. As I said before, I’ll never live to see it, but just think what a sight to behold to see a grayhaired old grandmother laying the lash to a culprit who provided drugs or alcohol or stole from some member of her family. I’m sure she would know just the right spot to lay the lashes.

Jesus was flogged for things he didn’t do so why shouldn’t mankind be flogged for things they have done?

Relon Hampton Premium, Kentucky

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