Whitesburg KY

All In Fun

In the barn he made a nest in the hay. He put his mule egg in the nest and covered it with a warm blanket, and waited for it to hatch. After a couple of week nothing happened and he started to get worried. He started to check the nest every day. After a couple of more weeks with nothing happening, he started to think the trader might have sold him a rotten mule egg.

He grabbed the coconut out of the nest and threw it across the barn lot into the bushes. It scared an old, long-eared jackrabbit and he ran out of the bushes and across the barn lot.

Caleb thought his mule egg had hatched, and he started after him calling, “Whoa, little mule, whoa!” The rabbit just ran faster with Caleb right behind him, still calling “Whoa, little mule, whoa.” They crossed the barn lot with the rabbit just getting faster and faster.

At the fence, Caleb just stopped and leaned on the rail. He said, “Just go on, little mule, nobody could plow that fast anyhow.”

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