Whitesburg KY

All is said to be OK with Neon’s water

No news was good news on the subject of water at the April meeting of the Fleming-Neon City Council. Water Superintendent Chris Banks told the council that he had nothing to report on city water issues and that everything was looking good. Councilman Everett Duncan asked about two fire hydrants in Whitaker and Banks replied that he had repaired one and painted it, that parts and equipment are on order for five additional hydrants, and the other hydrant will be repaired as soon as he receives the equipment. He said the parts will be paid for through funds left over from grant for leak repairs. Councilman James D. Collins complimented Banks on reducing water losses, which stood at 14 percent for March.

In other business, Police Chief Mike Dingus asked the council to approve a Kentucky Office of Homeland Security grant to purchase body armor. He told the council that the effective lifespan for body armor is about five years and not only were the department’s body armor vests reaching that point, they were purchased for smaller officers and are custom fitted. Dingus said the grant will pay $550 for each vest, which have a total cost each of $870.

Dingus told the council he had spent several days last month accompanying Probation and Parole officers throughout the community “knocking on doors and making arrests.” He said one probation violator they arrested had been at large for two years and a number of other violators had been taken into custody as well. He added that since the weather has gotten warmer, criminal activity and accidents have increased as well. He said that four-wheelers are out riding too and cautioned motorists to watch out for them.

Dingus also said that he is working with the phone company to have afterhours calls forwarded directly to officers’ mobile phones because there is no one in city hall to answer them after close of business.

Mayor Susie Polis read the resolution to authorize the Department of Homeland Security grant and the council voted unanimously to approve it and to accept the Police Report. Polis asked for other departmental reports and City Foreman Jake Johnson reported that he has concluded an inspection of equipment at the City Park. Johnson said one riding toy for children (a bouncing horse) will need to be replaced and two wooden benches should be replaced with either metal or molded plastic benches.

Johnson also reminded Fleming Neon residents that the PRIDE Clean-Up is ongoing throughout April and said that if anyone has anything they want hauled off they just need to put it out in their regular garbage collection spot and it will be picked up. He added that people living in more remote locations off the main road should call city hall to say they need something picked up.

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