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All living things make a change in spring

According to nature, it will soon be time for the season to change once again. As some writers have said, the Lord will take His paintbrush of love and paint us a brand new picture.

Spring is my time of the year because I call it resurrection time, when all living things make a change – from trees and plants to animals and people. The trees start to bud, the grass starts to grow, also the weeds.

Flowers begin to spring forth from the ground, the frogs start singing their love songs, the birds start looking for a mate, along with the fur-bearing creatures. Oh yeah, I forgot, a lot of humans get smitten by the love bug in the springtime, too. The antlered critters start to grow a new set, also. And for those two-legged creatures able-bodied and ambitious enough for raise a garden, they have to start getting their plots ready.

As I grow older I wonder with each season change, will the Lord grant me the blessing of another season or will this be my last one? A lot of people don’t even think of death, but I do, and the older I get the more I think of death. We all must die and it is just a matter of time. So it would be wise to get our house in order because we know not the day or the hour. Those who have received that little white stone, they will know the name that is given with it and will answer when that name is called.

I realize we can’t back up and re-live our lives, but if I could back up a number of years I certainly wouldn’t wait till I was 34 years of age to start serving God. Without a doubt I missed out on a lot of blessings. I would not have waited until I was 50 years old to start going to college, because a good education is priceless in the world today. But at least I finished and got my degree at age 57.

Even though I enjoyed it, I can’t help but believe that it would have been a lot easier in my younger days. I had a lot of fun just knowing that the younger students would work a lot harder to try to show me up, so to speak.

I have made a lot of friends through life, and no doubt a few enemies also. To me, a friend is precious because a friend is someone who has accepted you as you are without trying to change you and vice versa. If you want someone to be a friend, you have to accept them at face value. If you start insinuating they need to make some alterations, they will not be a friend long. A friend is not something you can buy, because you cannot buy friendship. You have to earn it.

I have developed a philosophy in life. I will try to be a friend to everyone. But if someone doesn’t want to be my friend, I don’t condemn them. I simply leave them alone to their own misery. To me, anyone who doesn’t want friends is miserable indeed.

I am by no means perfect, but neither is anyone else. I make my share of mistakes but I am not alone in that category, either. If I wish to find someone with a lot of faults, all I have to do is take a peek in the mirror and there he is staring at me.

When I have finished my work here on earth and am laid to rest in these wonderful old hills of home, I would like to be remembered for what I did and not what I didn’t do. As I often say, 95 percent of the people living today have faults. The other 5 percent are liars for denying the facts.

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