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All people from the mountains are special

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, everyone, and how has your week been? Not much of interest going on around here, but I have had a pretty busy day and am expecting company tomorrow. I got busy and baked three dried apple pies, two for company and one for eatin’, also made a potato salad. Red’s brother and wife Charles and Delores are coming. We sure will be glad to see them. We always love having family members visit.

I have talked to Sarah Belle, Jeanie and Ron and all are planning to be here for the picnic, and they tell me Anna Lea is coming as well. If Henry Warren makes it we’ll all be together. I’m gonna make sure to have plenty film on hand so I can take lots of pictures even though I’m not much of a photographer. I may talk Catharine into the picture taking; she took classes in photography and even had her own darkroom. She’s good!

We’ve had a cool, windy day here. We have been having pretty much rain, not enough to complain about but enough to make gardens grow and alas, also the grass.

I talked to another new friend, a very nice lady originally from Letcher County. Course I personally think all people from the mountains are special. Her name is Dorothy (Hall) Potter and she graduated from Fleming High School. Hello, Dorothy, I do hope this finds you well and I will be writing you soon. I also have a whole stack of letters right in front of me which I need to answer and soon.

Billy Wayne dropped off another load of clothes but I’m a’thinkin’ it will be a few days a’fore I’ll be doin’ any work on them. Ain’t like he needs them right now anyway. He probably has enough to last for at least two months, maybe more. His business keeps picking up, which is good.

I talked to Georgia. They had taken all seven of their grandchildren to Amish Country. She said they seemed to really enjoy the day. They had breakfast at an Amish restaurant, toured an Amish farm and got to take a buggy ride. One of the girls, Kristin, even got to handle the reigns.

Ricky, Joyce and their four, Lauren, Jordan, Bailee and Brandon, left for Louisville where they plan to visit Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Phil and spend some time at a Six Flags Park. I don’t know just how long they will be gone but I do hope they have nice weather and a great time.

Yeah Oma, I know exactly what you mean about writing. Sometimes before it’s time to start I think of lots of things I want to say but with pen and paper in hand my mind suddenly decides to close shop for awhile. Guess I should keep notes but I have never done that, not even in school.

I do believe we will have fresh green beans from our garden for our picnic. I was afraid we wouldn’t. We got everything out so late and it just hasn’t been the best season till now. Everything is really beginning to come alive, even my “plum-grannies”. I didn’t know the first thing about them except the delicious odor they have. I had to ask someone when to plant and still don’t know when they will set on and ripen, but they are blooming. I know, I know, I’m an old country girl and should know more than I do. Just blame it on being too long gone. I always helped in the garden and hoed my share of corn but Mom planted the garden and Dad the corn and Red likes to do his garden his way.

Our company is here and we just had some ham, potato salad and dried apple pie. I have a pot of soup beans cooked but no one wanted any tonight. That’s what they’ll get for dinner tomorrow. Looks as though I’m gonna add a few pounds as I have a whole pan of pumpkin fudge to nibble on, yep! Dolores made a batch and brought it with her, yummy, yummy! They also brought a mess of green beans and some cucumbers from their garden.

I’d better get this finished before Catharine shows up.

Y’all have a great day and week filled with sunshine and happiness. Till next time love and prayers to all

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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