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All the prizes went to the ladies

Hi to you all out there who are reading my column. Ermine Center has done a few things this past week, but not a lot. The weather hasn’t been too good to do much.

Thursday, we celebrated Mother’s Day with Mother’s Day Bingo. James Hall and Winford Sturgill won but had to give their prizes to a lady. You know James gave his to his wife, Barbara, and Winford, yes, gave his to his girlfriend. (Oh no! I didn’t win this time either.)

Father’s Day we will play Father’s Day Bingo, and if the ladies win, we will have to give the prize to a man. Oh well, that’s life.

Friday, we received a Mother’s Day poem and a flower. We would like to thank Letcher Manor for donating the roses for the seniors. They really appreciated them, and it was very thoughtful of you, so thanks again.

Our own buddy Jim Craft has been under the weather but is better, and also S.T. Wright, another of our senior citizens, has been in the hospital but is home now. I hope you guys get back to the center soon. We missed you.

This Thursday we will be taking a trip to Hazard, I think. Also, May 26 is Silver Day and our potluck dinner, so everyone wear your silver and bring a dish with some good food in it. But you always do. We have some wonderful cooks at our center. You seniors come and be with us. Let’s have 101 dishes. Wouldn’t that be great?

Our center will be closed May 30 for Memorial Day. There will be a memorial service at the Veterans Museum that day at 1 p.m. They will have the 21-gun salute, the shooting of the cannon, and speakers, so let’s all go out and show our respect to our veterans.

Our senior prom will be in June, and we always have a great time.

Oh! I almost forgot that May 19 is our Senior Games, and I hope we win a lot of medals. Let’s all try and do our best.

I hope all mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Have a great day and God bless until next time.

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