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All the rain has sure made for good gardens


A REMEMBERED DAY — The late Bill and Cindy Howard, Oma Hatton, and their friend, Anna Watkins of Florida, are pictured at Carr Creek Lake in this photograph from 1988, taken by Kathleen Brock.

A REMEMBERED DAY — The late Bill and Cindy Howard, Oma Hatton, and their friend, Anna Watkins of Florida, are pictured at Carr Creek Lake in this photograph from 1988, taken by Kathleen Brock. “It sure was a fun day we will never forget,” says Oma Hatton. “Anna gets The Eagle. I think she will enjoy seeing this. She’s not in good health now.” The late Cindy Howard was born on August 8, 1914.

Hello, everyone. Hope all is going well for all of you. The weeks are going by so fast, it seems like only a couple of days since my last news. I was late with it.

We’ve sure been getting lots of rain and all the gardens seemed to have done really well. It seems strange for me not to be canning, but I’ve been watching Larry’s wife, Linda, really going at it. Last week was her vacation from work. She sure hasn’t gotten any rest, but I think she has enjoyed gathering and canning her very large crop. Last year they had to deal with deer getting in their garden and helping themselves and it was so dry they carried water from a nearby creek and watered and still had a large crop. They are really hard workers.

I’m just a little bit sad. I gave away three of my goats. I had too many, but I gave a mama goat and her two almost grown-up babies. I wouldn’t break up their family. I think they got a good home. No, I didn’t give Anna Bell away. I kept her and another mama and her two grown-up babies. I don’t like separating families, even goats.

I hope all the people with the long yard sale did well. It was just too hot for me to go. Brenda Howard and Joyce Howard went. My brother, Hubert, and I broke up beans while they were gone.

Hubert’s granddaughter, Catlyn Howard, daughter of Gina and Tony Howard of Nicholasville, spent the weekend with her mammaw and paw, Joyce and Hubert Howard.

I’m not sure if Louise Shepherd, Carol Day and Joanne Brown are back from their vacation at Myrtle Beach.

I was pleased to have my granddaughter, Kathy (Hatton) Nelson, and her pretty little daughter, Caroline, eat lunch with me last Wednesday. They live in Alabama. I was going to take them out but decided it would be more fun at my house. It was for me, I really enjoyed it.

Shannon and Jim Banks are new grandparents. Their daughter, Destini, gave birth to a baby boy, real cute. His name is Caine. I can’t remember his first name.

Shannon wants to thank all the friends who came to sit with her while she was waiting for the baby, Gertrude Maggard, Myka Slone, Nikki Reynolds, Emilia Lowe, Page Anderson, Oma Hatton, Betty Tyree, Kathleen Brock, Jackie Hall, Doris Banks, Wanda Robinson, Tracy Howard, Carol Maggard, Lee Collier, Jackie Reynolds, Kennith Collier, Jenny Cook, Roy Collins, Carolyn Lucas, Michael Hall, Pam Gardner, Wilma Sexton, and more came that I didn’t get their names. Shannon was so pleased to see her grandbaby get such a big welcome home from so many friends.

I think my friend, Shirley Breeding, is going to visit her sister this weekend and she’s looking forward to it. She will spend a few days. I’ll look in on her husband, James Breeding, while she’s gone.

My sister, Betty Tyree, and I are planning on going to Ashland Sunday after church to visit my son, Astor “Red” Hatton. I haven’t been anywhere since Christmas except to Hazard Veterans Center to see Clyde. I’m looking forward to seeing all of them, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

I called Sara Ison on Saturday to see how she and Clarence were doing. He’s 92 years old. He put out a big garden and she’s been canning peaches, peas, mixed pickles and corn. They are taking care of chickens and doing all kinds of corn, freezing and canning both. They are good people and hard working and I want to go visit them when I get a chance.

It’s not long till time for school to start. The summer goes by so fast. It has sure been a hot one.

All you Hattons, don’t forget your family reunion is August 30 at Cowan Community Center. There’s always a good turnout for that and lots of good food. You’ve got lots of time to get ready for it.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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