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Alli and Addie Hall mark fourth birthday


I’m so sorry to not have written in awhile. Hopefully we are all doing so much better and will continue to improve.

Clester and I have enjoyed having Sharon, Amanda and Rylee Holbrook visiting with us and Greg’s parents, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook, this weekend. Rylee and her cousin, Kaylee Grace Baker had a tea party at our house. The girls had a good time playing with their cousins, Jared and Ethan Isaacs. There is nothing in the world as precious as having the children here. Randy, Jared and Ethan came up Saturday and will be leaving on Tuesday. They also spent time with Tommy and Betty Stansberry.

My sister Anita Redden, her daughter Judy Plumley and granddaughter Chessie Plumley from Beckley, W.Va., were also in this weekend to visit with our sister Linda Lou Lucas at Letcher Manor and our brother-in-law Duke Lucas. They also visited with us and other family.

Coolie and Janice Baker, Jimmy and Kathy Adams, Katina and Ashley Benton and Kiley Hall have been on a cruise to the Bahamas and back to Myrtle Beach for a few days. We are so glad they had a safe and enjoyable trip.

Hi to Betty and Lawrence, also to Otho and Pat up in Ohio.

Congratulations to Eric and Brooke Holbrook for another precious baby daughter, Baylee Hope. I saw her family at the hospital the day she was born. Diane and Dwight were so thrilled. I know Arthur and Joyce Sergent are happy with another great-granddaughter. Baylee sure is blessed with a wonderful family.

A new addition was also added to Alice Mason’s family. Roger’s daughter Mari had a little boy and he is a dol. Also a new addition for Willie and Veletta Martin, Amy has a new son for them to love.

Our hearts are broken for Joan Curry, my cousin, for the loss of her husband Roy Curry. He was a special person.

No words can describe how I felt when Zandra called and told me about the death of Donald Webb. He loved Letcher County and was such a friend to the Historical Society. May God bless these families and many friends.

Our prayers go out to D.J. Cornett’s family. Stephanie and his children are so special to us.

Happy fourth birthday to two of the sweetest little girls, Alli and Addie Hall. They brighten up our lives. Bill Collier, Geraldine Caudill and D.J. Frazier have also had their big days and we wish them many more.

Duke and Linda Lou Lucas continue to improve. Duke has had surgery on his leg and has had some trouble walking, but still managed to put some vegetables in the freezer. His nephew, his sisters and brother have been such a blessing to him. Lou is having some problems with accepting being flat on her back due to hip and hand surgery, but she will be back before long. She is one of the strongest-willed people I have ever known.

Hope Audrey Bates is doing much better. Saw her sister Betty Lucas while visiting Lou at the Letcher Manor.

Praying for all the sick and hurting folks.

School will be starting this week so be careful.

May God bless

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