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Alligator wanted to swim and ride the ocean waves

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I hope everyone is enjoying May. The rain is needed to make everything grow, though I’m not as happy with the cooler weather.

Mike and I had a fabulous time on our trip to Myrtle Beach. The big adventure was Mike telling me there were police trucks on the beach.

I went out on the balcony and saw the trucks, there were no people in the ocean, and everyone was standing around. We watched and saw something black in the ocean, which looked like a fin.

Then it looked long and got closer to shore. By then we wanted a better look so we went down to the beach. On the elevator was a man who was going for a closer look and he said it was a ‘crocodile.’ When we got to the beach, we found out it was an alligator. It had made it to the shore and all the police were standing around it. Finally someone from animal control showed up (this was after five police trucks had arrived). When the noose was put around the alligator’s neck, the alligator jumped high and was not a happy gator. One policeman was on the alligator’s back and another taped his mouth. Finally the alligator was put in the back of the police truck. We heard that the alligator was eleven feet long. This adventure was something we didn’t expect to have.

Apparently the alligator had been seen earlier in the day in a drainage ditch that runs beside the condo. I figure when we were swimming in the pool, the alligator was on the other side of the wall. The alligator just wanted to swim in the ocean and ride the waves.

Our son, Greg, and his girlfriend are going to Myrtle Beach for a few days. They are going for Bike Week. I hope they have a wonderful and safe time. Motorcycles were starting to show up as we were leaving.

Elissa Fulton of Tinsley, Miss., received her MBA from Mississippi College this week. In 2016, she earned a BA in Public Relations from Tulane University.

Elissa is the daughter of Shirley Sigrest Harris of Tinsley, Miss. Her grandparents were the late George and Ruth Sigrest of Yazoo City, Miss. Her great-grandparents were the late Cassel and Beulah Caudill of Little Cowan.

Elissa has a daughter, Olivia. Elissa appreciates her encouraging family and friends.

Tyle Cothern of Bowling Green received his MBA from Western Kentucky University this week. Dakota Cothern received his Master’s Degree in Safety/ Security/Emergency Management from Eastern Kentucky University. Their graduations were held one day apart.

Their parents are Cherie and Rick Cothern of Bowling Green. Their grandparents are Russell and Judy Banks of Elizabethtown. The great-grandparents were the late Mattie Vern and Jeff Banks of Elizabethtown. Having two sons get their Master’s Degree is a big accomplishment.

Jeff Fields visited his mother Laura Fields of Little Cowan. They were at Little Cowan Church on Mother’s Day.

Kendall Ison is improving from his surgery. He has an appointment with the surgeon this week to ensure his leg is healing satisfactory. He hopes to go home from rehabilitation real soon.

The social media quote of the week is: “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

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