Whitesburg KY

Almost time to plant peas

Hello. Here it is Groundhog Day again. I hope he made a good prediction.

I just got home from the center and most of the ladies were talking about planting peas. It is almost that time. Kingscreek

This month we have three birthdays to celebrate: Sue Williams on Feb. 2, Mae Boggs on Feb. 14, and Loreva Fields on Feb. 22.

I also want to wish my grandson a sweet 16th birthday on Feb. 14. He was my Valentine gift that year. He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

We have a busy schedule for February. On Feb. 9 at 10 a.m., we will be at Boone Fork Center for a meeting on medication management. Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, our center is going out for a Mexican lunch and Valentine exchange. Feb. 16, we will be at Pine Mountain Grill for a talk on heart health. We need to be there at 8:30 a.m. Feb. 21 is our potluck at Kingscreek Center. Lunch is at 11 a.m.

Everyone come down and visit us. We will have a great time, I am sure. We always do.

On Feb. 28, we have been invited to Ovenfork Center for potluck. I’ve never been there, but the ladies who have say they are wonderful hosts and hostesses. I can hardly wait.

Since I’ve been putting my two cents’ worth in the paper I have heard from two ladies I had completely lost contact with. It was so wonderful to hear from Ada Sturgill and Betty Tyree. Both are wonderful ladies to talk with, and I love them both.

Letcher County may have its share of problems and drugs, but I met a man from Germany the other evening at McDonald’s. He had a backpack and a cane, so I figured he was walking. We got to talking and he said that our food was so good and inexpensive that he had ordered too much.

He was waiting for his four companions to catch up with him. I asked where they were going, and he said that they were walking from Pennsylvania to Virginia for charity.

When I asked what charity, he said for American soldiers’ children’s college funds. I asked why, and he said that America was always helping others, and he and his friends wanted to give back.

I was very touched. Being patriotic to a fault (I stand when the flag is presented, even if no one else does), this made me even prouder to be an American. I asked how they had been treated, and he said the people they met had been very warm and friendly.

Remember when you meet someone from another country, you represent all of us. Be nice.

Be kind to each other and yourself. Someone loves you —especially God.

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