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Amburgeys mark anniversary on Valentine’s Day

Big Cowan

Hard to believe it’s February already — only a few more months until spring. I can’t wait!

My ‘honey,’ James, will be 63 years old on Valentine’s Day. I hope he has a good one.

Also, Greg Dollarhyde has a birthday on Feb. 14. I hope you enjoy your day. I would like to also wish Tim and Judy Amburgey a happy 30th anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

My aunt Loreva (Ray) Fields, has a birthday on Feb. 22. She is the mother of Anthony (Thelma) Fields, Larry Fields, Theresa (Fields) Sturgill and Levene (Sonia) Fields. I love you, lady, and hope you enjoy your day.

My dad would have been 92 if he were still living on Feb. 22. I sure do miss him, but I would not wish him back with all the pain he was in. He was in the hospitalin Lexington from Feb. 22 until June (Father’s Day weekend). He had just turned 70, so he’s been gone 22 years now.

My daughter-in-law Amber will be having a birthday on Feb. 25. If I’ve missed anyone, I’m sorry. I wish all of you the best.

Sorry to hear about Alvin Holbrook dying. He lived on Cowan. I only saw him from a distance when he would stop at Trent’s Grocery. My sympathy goes out to his family.

Also, my sympathies to the family of James Brashears, and to the family of Kayle Russell. Our church always had her in our prayers. She seemed like a real sweet baby. Our pastor said that she looked like a little angel. It’s always sad to lose a loved one, but it seems harder when it’s a child.

My heart goes out to the family of Marvin Sandlin Jr. He was only 16 years old, and it was so sad the way he died.

I always say that death knows no age. We never know when our number will be up, so we need to stay prayed up and be ready when the time comes. God will get His, if He has to take little children. When that baby died, I thought of that song, ‘Jesus Has a Rocking Chair,’ and we know that it is in a better world than this and not suff ering with cancer anymore.

My nephew Thomas Wolfe needs our prayer. He has really had a rough month. Pray that this Lord will touch his mind and body.

There are so many young people who are having a rough time with so much peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and sex in this world. They just don’t know what to do. They think they can do anything they want and when they want, without thinking about the consequences of the choices they make in life. They want to be in the ‘in crowd.’ Some can afford bad habits and some can’t, then they get depressed and it gets worse from there.

I pray for my grandchildren all of the time because they are like most teenagers, they don’t want to listen to parents. They also are from a broken family and they want to try diff erent things. That’s why we need to keep other children in our prayers also. I will pray for yours and you pray for mine.

Well, they’re talking about bad weather again this weekend. I hope they are wrong. So many people have fallen on the ice and have gotten hurt, and sometimes people hit their head and they die from it. So be careful!

My cousin Audrey (Maggard) Hammons in North Vernon, Ind., had a bad fall in her bathroom and got bruised up. Keep her in your prayers.

Also, Agnes (Bill) Maggard of Columbus, Ind., is still recuperating from her fall. Pray for all my family.

My great-niece Deidre and Sammy Gibson lost their first baby last week. My sympathy goes out to their family. She wasn’t very far along, but I’m sure it was a tragic loss for them.

We had a benefit sing and dinner at the Freewill Baptist Church at Whitco on Saturday, Feb. 6. We had a good turnout with several good singers: Tim and Judy Amburgey, Wayne Turner, Bobby Bates, Russell Whitaker, Jr. Brown and Tim (not sure of his last name), Martha and son Kenny Combs, Patricia Large, Jerry Banks, Willie Perry and a few others.

Some people had to leave before it was over, but we didn’t get home until 11:30 p.m. It was spirit-filled with lots of preaching, praying, and singing. People hated to go home.

Friday, Feb. 12, we will be selling homemade meatloaf dinners to go or eat in. Call any church member and place your order or just show up. They are really good and only $5 a plate. Deliveries are available.

All have a wonderful week, and may God bless each and every one of you.

I have seen a few new mobile homes and doublewides on Cowan and Little Cowan. I’m not sure who moved in, but welcome to the neighborhood.

I was also glad to see the new log cabin replacing the one that burned last year. It’s really coming along nicely. That has always been my dream, to live in a log cabin. I guess it will stay a dream because I can’t afford a new home. I love my home and where it is and wouldn’t trade it, but it doesn’t cost anything to dream.

Tammy and Wayne Turner will be lost for a little bit when they return from Texas after taking their daughter Melissa and grandchildren Allysa and Leah Nicely back home. Melissa’s husband will be home from Iraq or Afghanistan (not sure which) sometime in March. I know they will be glad to see him.

Wayne said that he would love to move to Texas. I hope he’s kidding. We would miss all of them, and those little girls are so sweet.

Until next week, I’m signing off and wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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