Whitesburg KY

American Legion’s May 26 schedule

Memorial Day observances will be held Sunday, May 26, by members of the Whitesburg American Legion Post 152 at 38 cemeteries in Letcher County. The schedule is:

7:45 a.m. Edd Sexton Cemetery at Sandlick

7:55 Tobe Richardson Cemetery at Sandlick

8: 05 Hoover Collins Cemetery at Little Colley

8: 15 Letcher Collins Cemetery at Little Colley

8:35 Collins and Maggard Cemetery at Little Colley

8:45 Hall and Collins Cemetery on Low Gap Road

8:55 Patrick Collins Cemetery on Low Gap Road

9:05 Adkins Cemetery on Low Gap Road

9:20 Babe Ison Cemetery at Rockhouse

9:30 Maggard Cemetery at Rockhouse

9:40 Banks Cemetery at Rockhouse

9:55 Breeding Cemetery at Rockhouse

10:10 Amburgey Cemetery at Racetrack Hollow, Isom

10:20 Adkins Cemetery at Rockhouse

10:30 Isom Cemetery at Isom

11: 05 Shade Adams Cemetery at Isom

11:15 Fred Adams Cemetery at Tipple Road, Isom

11:30 I.D. Adams Cemetery at Blair Branch

11:40 Horse Mill Point Cemetery at Jeremiah

12: 40 p. m. Whitaker Cemetery at Letcher

12:55 Burton Hill Cemetery at Letcher

1:05 Coy Fields Cemetery at Pratt Branch

1:40 Day Cemetery at Boggs Hollow, Kingscreek

2: 00 Ingram/ Cornett Cemetery at Linefork

2:15 Meade and Fields Cemetery at Cowan Mountain

2:25 Obey Fields Cemetery at Cowan

2:35 Day Cemetery at Cowan, across from Rand Day Hollow

2:45 Doug Roberts Cemetery at Cowan

3:00 Peaceful Hills Cemetery at Ice

3:15 Adams Cemetery at Dry Fork

3:30 Cornett Cemetery at Kelly Drive

3:45 Webb Cemetery at Mayking School House Hill

3:55 Thornton Cemetery at Thornton

4:00 Holbrook Cemetery at Holbrook Town

4:10 Heavens of Rest Cemetery at Mayking

4:25 Green Acres Cemetery at Ermine

4:55 Adams Cemetery at Limestone Drive

5:00 Douglas Day Post Cemetery on Pine Mountain

“My understanding from our investigation is he had given the child meth to take to school with the intention of selling it,” Sheriff Mickey Stines said. “He couldn’t sell it, so he ended up giving it away.”

Stines said the investigation showed the drugs were probably given to the child on Saturday, May 11 and that student then took the drugs to school on the morning of May 13.

“We have video evidence of this happening, so we know the kids that did it,” Stines said. “The evidence shows they snorted it.”

A message sent to parents from the school on May 15 said some students had “ingested a drug,” and that the school had contacted the sheriff ’s department to investigate, but did not specify what drug they had taken, or how it was administered.

Yonts on May 16 confirmed that it was methamphetamines. She said this is the first time she is aware of that happening in any of the schools here.

“We’ve had other drug issues in the past, but not meth,” Yonts said.

She said the incident was brought to the principal’s attention on the evening of May 13, and the school district contacted the sheriff ’s department.

“As soon as we were notified, I had my school resource officer open an investigation,” Stines said. “There was no delay in the investigation.”

Parents concerned about the lack of information about the incident and about the fact that meth was used in the school have taken to social media saying they planned to keep children at home because of the incident. Yonts said attendance was down on Thursday, but declined to say by how much. She defended the school’s response, saying there was no meth lab, and there was no issue of contamination at the school. The school has been cleaned as a precaution, Yonts said, and information was sent to parents as soon as possible. Stines said he sent extra security to the school after the incident, and the school has been thoroughly searched. He said he is sure the school is safe or he would have recommended it be shut down.

“We want to parents to know we’re 100 percent here for their children’s safety,” he said.

Stines would not say directly whether the meth recovered was homemade “shake and bake” meth, or laboratory-produced meth that is being imported into the county, however he said because of the cost of the more highly concentrated “ice,” there are few home meth labs left in the county.

“It’s cheaper to bring it in,” he said.

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