Whitesburg KY

An addendum

While members of our state legislature were busy this week rushing through Senate Joint Resolution 67, which orders the Kentucky Geological Survey to conduct a study to see which state parks and other government-owned properties have the most natural gas that can be plundered, residents of the Woodland Trail neighborhood in downtown Jenkins were left to ponder whether they dare risk going to sleep at night with a gas well being drilled perilously close to a 300,000-gallon water tank on top of the hill above them.

A story on the front page of this week’s Eagle tells about the fears Jenkins residents Jim Stallard, Sam DePriest and, we assume, all the others who live along Woodland Trail have about reliving their nightmare of July 15, 1979, when a water tank just like the one that’s being drilled next to now burst and released a rush of water that killed a well-loved doctor who was sitting on his porch listening to the radio broadcast of a professional baseball game and destroyed every home and automobile in its way.

SJR 67 is just as bad as its companion legislation Senate Bill 138 and needs to be vetoe d as quic kly as p ossible by Gov. Beshear.

Meanwhile, EQT, formerly known as Equitable Resources, needs to immediately halt drilling operations near the Jenkins tank until proper studies can be done to make sure the tank isn’t in danger of rupturing again.

It shouldn’t be a problem for a responsible company like EQT to do the right thing and call time out.

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