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An election with no candidates? It almost happened

What if you had an election and nobody ran?

It’s not quite that bad in the city of Fleming-Neon, but it’s close.

There are six seats on the city council, but only two people will be on the ballot in next week’s General Election. Two more filed as write-in candidates after the deadline for getting on the ballot passed with no others bringing in paperwork to file.

“I don’t know what we’ll do if nobody writes in,” said James D. Collins, a councilmember for 14 years. “There are six council members, so it takes four to make a quorum.”

Without a quorum, votes taken by the council would be illegal.

Mayor Susie Polis is running unopposed for reelection.

Only Collins and Linda Cantrell registered in time to be placed on the ballot for council. Two others, Joseph King and Virgie (Susie) Fleming, have filed to run as write-in candidates.

With the addition of their campaigns, there are now four write-in candidates in the Neon area. Debbie Collier and Bobby Webb both are write-in candidates for magistrate in District 3, which includes most of Neon and the surrounding area.

The other two cities in the county have full ballots in next week’s election.

In Whitesburg, nine candidates are running for the six open seats.

Candidates for Whitesburg City Council are:

– Derek Barto
– Della B. Eldridge
– Larry D. Everidge
– Mike Jackson
– Shelia Page Short
– John L. Pellegrini
– Robin Bowen Watko
– Earlene Williams Cornett
– Eddie Bentley
Whitesburg Mayor James W. Craft
is running unopposed for reelection.

Whitesburg Mayor James
W. Craft is running unopposed for reelection.
In Jenkins, seven candidates are running for city
council and two for mayor.
Council candidates are:
– Richard Damron
– Sammy Elswick
– Lewis Shaun Collier
– Chuck Anderson
– Garnett Bentley
– Rebecca Terrill Amburgey – Toni Jenkins
Mayor Todd Depriest
is running for reelection
and is opposed by retiring
District 5 Magistrate Wayne
Both school districts in
the county have races next
week. Two seats are up
for election in the Letcher
County district, with incumbent members Sean Gilley
and Lena Parsons running
for reelection. Neither is
School board terms are
usually staggered, however all five seats are up for
election in the Jenkins Independent School District
because of regular elections,
vacancies, and campaigns
to complete unexpired
terms. The seven candidates running to fill those
seats are:
– Matt Anderson
– Eileen Sanders
– Sarah Tackett Brown
– Brenda DePriest
– Ronald W. Adams
– Christopher Bentley
– Paulette M. Sexton
Other races and candidates on the ballot Tuesday
Commonwealth Attorney Edison G. Banks, Republican

Property Valuation Administrator Richard Glenn Brown,
Ricky Rose, Democrat

County Judge/Executive
Terry Adams, Republican Jim Ward, Democrat

Circuit Clerk
Janet Ratliff, Republican
Mike Watts, Democrat

County Attorney
B. Jamie Hatton, Democrat

County Clerk
Hatler Dee Kiser, Republican Winston Meade, Democrat

D. L. Hammonds, Republican Mickey Stines, Democrat
Barry Engle, Independent Jailer
Bert Slone Jr., Democrat
Renee Campbell, Democrat

County Surveyor
Richard Hall, Democrat

Magistrate District 1
Jack Banks, Republican
Bobby Ray Howard,

Magistrate District 2
Brad Collie, Republican
Sherry Sexton, Democrat

Magistrate District 3
Maverick Cook, Republican Debbie Collier (Writein), Democrat
Bobby Webb (Write-in),

Magistrate District 4
Kenny Whitehead, Republican William “ Cheddy”
Smith, Democrat

Magistrate District 5
Bennie McCall, Democrat

Constable District 1
Chris Caudill, Republican Roger Eldridge, Democrat

Constable District 2
Austin Blaine Johnson,
Brian S. Collins, Democrat

Constable District 3
Jesse Lee Bates, Democrat

Constable District 4
Terry Perkins, Democrat
Constable District 5
Roy Triplett, Democrat
Bucky Damron, Independent

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