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Ann Calihan celebrating her 90th birthday

Southern Ohio

Ann Calihan enjoys pumpkin pie for her birthday Oct. 7.

Ann Calihan enjoys pumpkin pie for her birthday Oct. 7.

Hello everyone!

Happy 90th birthday to Ann Calihan on Oct. 7th.

As I am writing this column it is a clear crisp morning in the Ohio Valley area. The sun is shining on the tip of the hillside. There’s one huge tree that is a brilliant orange that stands out from the others that are still a dull green in color.

Fog is slipping in. Earlier this morning, in some places, the dense fog was bad as televised on the local news. I don’t have to get out today so it can rain, snow or sunshine. I will be home snug as a bug in a rug. Yesterday evening as the clouds being to darken, the air became so crisp it felt like snow was on the way.

It is beginning to look like autumn has arrived, although it feels more like winter in this section of the Ohio Valley area. The air conditioner is still in place in the living room window.

We will be saying goodbye in a few days as October is predicted to be a cool month, and I am sure it isn’t going to be warm in November and the months to follow. Yes, I’ve already started griping. Not as much as the whinny people on television. All I’ve heard for the past week is, “It’s cold this morning”.

James “Thumper” Hurst played and sang at Old Time Fiddler’s.

James “Thumper” Hurst played and sang at Old Time Fiddler’s.

If I had a way of doing it, I would call the station, sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. Now you have your laugh.

I had plans on being in the mountains I call home, this past weekend. A benefit for Campbell’s Branch Community Center was scheduled for Friday night, October 2, but the coronavirus/ COVID-19/pandemic has been in full swing again in Letcher County. The benefit was postponed until a later date, which will probably be at a time that I won’t be able to go.

I had reservation, which got cancelled. Of course I was looking forward to seeing the changing of the colors of the mountains.

It was a bad weekend for me anyway, as I had things here, on Sunday, plus I wasn’t feeling good. Although feeling bad would not stop me from heading to the mountains.

Each spring and fall my heart yearns to head back to the mountains as I’ve written so many times. I am going to see the beautiful foliage of this season, if it means just driving through and coming straight back.

Vicki Abbott played the huge stand-up bass at Old Time Fiddler’s. By the smile on her face, she was enjoying playing it.

Vicki Abbott played the huge stand-up bass at Old Time Fiddler’s. By the smile on her face, she was enjoying playing it.

I didn’t go during the spring. I have regretted that decision. I respected Governor Beshear. Well, he better make it a fast decision. The mountains are calling, and my, heart, soul and feet are wanting to answer the call. We all know my brain is not in my head, it is located in my feet.

Coronavirus is like cancer or any other disease. It doesn’t matter who we are, we can get it. I do believe we can help protect ourselves with this virus. I have limited capacity in my lungs, so I wear a face shield instead of a facemask. I hear pros and cons about the shield; I try to stay a distance away, which is really hard for me.

You can like me or not, I am not staying away from my grandchildren if they want to come see me. Life is too short and I’ll be darned if I am going to see them every six months or a year. That is your choice, not mine. At my age who knows if I will be around.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers meeting. Once again we had a good crowd with a couple of surprise visitors, Chip Giddens and Rick Crawford. I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing Chip for several years. Rick I had never met. That’s the fun part about being connected to music, even though I am not a musician, you never see a stranger, especially if they have a musical instrument.

Vicki Abbot and Dale Farmer kept their word and came to the meeting. Now Vicki came for the beans and cornbread as much as the music.

Ma Crow, Nora Denning and John Schneider had other commitments. All I can say is they sure missed some good music. The soup beans must have been good as I came home with an empty crockpot. Lenny Kunts always stops at Little Caesar’s for pizza, plus we have other foods that people bring to share.

Hayward Day, I hope some Sunday when Old Time Fiddlers meet, you will feel like coming.

This has been a rough week for the Calihan family as it marks one year of the loss of Gary. It is so devasting knowing there’s nothing you can do to console anyone with such grief. To say happy birthday to Ann is useless as Ann’s heart is broken, along with those of Johnny and the entire family.

Ann shares her Oct. 7 birthday with Berma Matthews. Happy birthday, Berma.

Dale Farmer released the sound track of the Mountain Minor movie, on CD. It is a wonderful to add to your collection of CDs. Oh yes, I am glad I purchased a car with a CD player.

The Mountain Minor movie can be seen on Amazon. Please check it out. I promise you, if you have one shred of Appalachian in your roots, you won’t regret seeing this movie. I’ve received so many wonderful comments. I wish I could write them down and pass them on to Dale.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, I still hope I can sit by the fire with you before it gets wintertime. Marcia, thanks for checking in with the cancellation of Campbell’s Branch. Sorry about the bad connection on my cell phone.

Buddy and Bernice Grubb, I was looking forward to seeing you. Bernice, you are starving me to death with all your beautiful posts of canning. I can almost taste the pickled corn and apple butter. It’s better to look and want, and not eat for me.

To all my readers of this column, please be careful and stay healthy.

Les and Pat Wagner, I was planning on going to see Tony Hale and Blackwater, but my stomach made a different decision for me.

Everyone is losing two of the best magazines that Kentucky has to offer, as Kentucky Explorer is closing. Modern Mountain Magazine is going online for the readers. That will leave me out as I don’t have any idea how to download it. I want to read a newspaper in my hands, and the same with a magazine or a hardback book.

Time is catching up to me once again.

Until next time.

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