Whitesburg KY

Anna Lora Adams flown from ARH to UK Hospital


Recently, Tommy Harris Smith and Mary Jo Blair spent a couple of weeks in Florida. They enjoyed taking a sightseeing boat tour while there.

Their sister, Anna Lou Blair, came in to take care of their sister, Lillie Moss Hale, while they were gone.

Roy Kenon and Billie Smith came in from Ohio to visit, and also have a yard sale with Lee and Wilma Pridemore. Roy also visited with Lillie Moss at the nursing home.

We are all so worried about Anna Lora Adams who was struck so sick last week. Everyone is praying for her and her family. She was flown from Whitesburg ARH to UK Hospital in Lexington.

Robin Jolly Blair suffered another setback and had to have another surgery in Lexington. Since her car accident she has had so many problems.

Roland and Carol Blair enjoyed having their grandson, Sawyer, staying with them for a week, and also grandson Jonathon stayed a few days too.

Coreen Pridemore fixed a dinner of fresh garden vegetables for Rodney and Geraldine Ison. I took it to them last week and ended up visiting for quite awhile. The next day she sent them a bag of veggies to cook themselves.

It was good to see Lovell and Lois Blair able to be out to Blair Branch Church this weekend.

It was our communion (sacrament) meeting as oldtimers always called it. We had a good weekend with a large crowd and blessed service and communion.

A busload of visitors, I think from Middlesboro, came to attend Sunday’s service. They were accompanied with one of the Berea College professors.

Sorry to hear of so many friends having fallen lately, Mattie Eldridge, Lyle Frazier, Nancy Carol Craft and another longtime Jeremiah resident whose name I won’t mention at this time, but I know they all desire our prayers.

Some were just bruised up, but others have broken bones. It’s so easy to just lose your balance or footing, and before you know it you’re lying on the floor or ground.

Della Blair is now a patient at Letcher Manor after having suffered a stroke. Her family was with her on Sunday when Bob and I visited.

J.B. and his wife were with Mary Blair when we stopped by her room. There are so many neighbors and friends who are patients there. From Blair Branch alone there are Vada Caudill, Bob Adams, and Della.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore visited with Ben and Liz Wise, former Letcher Countians now living in Lexington. Wilma went for a check up in Lexington that day, and they enjoyed dropping by to see Ben and Liz. I hear that Liz has a beautiful flower garden.

Jerry, Ila, Tammy and Bonita Adams, and Liberty and Noah Campbell went to the Whitaker family reunion on Friday and Saturday. I think it was in Lincoln County.

Lyndci and Sadie Gilliam drove over from Morehead and they all stayed at the same hotel Friday night. All of the children of the late Bee and Mattie Whitaker were able to attend.

Lee Banks Jr. has been having kidney problems and recently spent a couple of days in the hospital. Ina Campbell is home after a few days there, too.

Mom’s brother, Ivan Adams, spent almost two weeks in the hospital with pneumonia and other problems. Freda takes good care of him.

His sister, Juanita Mccrarey, came up to check on him. Her daughter Deborah and Mark Flynn brought her up from Somerset.

I have been hearing the katydids singing at nights, and with the cooler weather last week, it reminds me of fall. Lena Dixon says she has seen a black woolly worm already, and that the Queen Anne’s lace is blooming early this year.

Let’s hope it’s not all a sign of a long, cold winter.

That’s all I’ve time for this week, with just one more thing before I finish.

K. P. and Lana Pridemore’s family loaded up the boys and went to King’s Island last Friday. Noah, Luke, Derrick and Isaiah all had a good time, as did their parents and grandparents.

Becky Pridemore, her daughters and grandchildren all went on the Disney Cruise Ship. I’m not sure of all who went, but it looked like the kids were having fun.

Susan Campbell and some of her grandchildren also went. Maybe I will remember to get names before next week’s Eagle.

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