Whitesburg KY

‘Annie Granny’ Frazier celebrates 70th birthday


Happy late birthday to Ann (Annie Granny) Frazier of Knott County. She turned 70 on Oct. 2.

Tommy Halcomb and his wife, Loreen, of Carcassonne, have both been sick. Tommy has breathing problems and has been in the hospital but is now home. Loreen had to be taken to the emergency room because her blood pressure was too high and they had a hard time getting it down. I wish them the best.

My sympathy to the family of Pascal Dixon of Elk Creek. He died Oct. 2, He had been sick for some time. His wife, Louise, has also been having some health problems. Pascal was 92.

Carolyn Sue Walters of Elk Creek, had to spend a night in the hospital recently. She was very weak, they think from a virus.

Happy birthday to Zackary Back. He turns 13 on Oct. 21. He is the son of Eric Back of Elk Creek, and Jessica Bolling of Perry County.

Vernie Jent of Elk Creek, had to have surgery in Lexington but was able to get out the next day. She had some lymph nodes taken out from under her arm.

My dad, P-nut, had a family member pass away in Indiana. Mavis Ison died Oct. 3. She had been ill for quite awhile. She was married to the late Dee Ison, who was my dad’s first cousin.

Craig Abbinanti of Carcassonne, was hit in the eye with a piece of metal while he was at work and had to be taken to the emergency room. It put a hole in his eye and he has to stay off work for about seven days. When he goes back to the doctor they might release him to go back to work. His daughter, my greatniece Ava Golden, also had to be taken to the ER one evening. She had been keeping a high fever for about two weeks and they found out she had strep throat.

Amber Back of Blackey, had to be taken to Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. She fell one evening and sprained her ankle. She is the daughter of Joe and Kathy Back.

Jason (Jaybo) Jent of Pratts Branch, broke his leg and had to be sent to Lexington for surgery.

There’s going to be a big rock ‘n’ roll show in Whitesburg on Nov. 10. There will be eight hours of music. Several bands will be competing in it. It’s called “Battle Royal.” All of the profits will go to the American Cancer Society. You can contact J. Dixon at 633-4502 for more information.

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