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Another local post office in peril

Another Letcher County post office is about to close.

The Linefork Post Office will suspend its services May 30.

A community meeting to discuss the closure of the Linefork Post Office is set for 6 p.m. May 22 at the Linefork House of Prayer. Michael V. Thompson, manager of post office operations, said that the person who owns the building which houses the post office requested the postal service vacate the facility at the end of the lease term which is May 31.

“Therefore, it will be necessary to suspend services at the Linefork Post Office at the close of business on Friday, May 30, 2008,” wrote Thompson. “This change is tentative and will not lead to a formal proposal unless we conclude that it will provide a maximum degree of regular and effective postal services.”

Thompson said customers who receive mail from a Highway Contract Route Carrier will continue to use Linefork 41833 as the last line of delivery.

Thompson said customers who do not want a roadside mailbox and prefer renting a box can obtain a post office box at the Whitesburg Post Office which is 17 miles away or at the Cumberland Post Office which is 6.1 miles away.

“I realize with change there is always concern,” wrote Thompson. “No final decision to permanently discontinue the post office has been made.”

Thompson said the public meeting has been scheduled to “explain plans and solicit comments concerning possible alternate means of providing postal and other services.”

Thompson said he is confident that carrier delivery will continue to provide Linefork customers with effective and regular postal services.

Thompson said Highway Contract Route Carriers can provide all of the retail services provided by the Linefork Post Office.

“Highway Contract Route Delivery is free delivery. Customers will have 24-hour access to their mailbox generally located close to their homes, eliminating the need to drive to the post office,” said Tim Reynolds, of the post office review. “We are also extending the route in areas where we presently do not provide delivery if the condition of the road will allow the postal service to do so.”

The Thornton Post Office was closed on August 25, 2006 and the Millstone Post Office was closed February 5, 2007. Post office boxes from Thornton and Millstone were moved to the Mayking Post Office.

The Letcher Post Office was closed June 13, 2007.

After the Linefork Post Office is closed there will be 19 post offices left in Letcher County.

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