Whitesburg KY

Another sad week for neighborhood

Big Cowan

Well folks, another sad week in our neighborhood.

Morris Maggard died on March 12. He is survived by his wife, Della Mae; daughters Stella ( Jesse) Bates, Mary Katherine Maggard (Earnest) Wilson, and Gwen (Charles) Saylor, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He was 91 years old. He was a good man and always kind to everyone. He will be missed by all who knew him. Keep the family in prayer.

My son Chad, wife Amber and two of my granddaughters, Becca and Kayla, are in Florida this week on vacation. Hopefully they will have better weather than they had in Indiana, and that we have had in Kentucky. The girls will probably spend most of their time on the beach, flirting with boys.

Shania Dobson will be 14 on March 22; Jim Bo Ison will be 43 on March 23.

DeAundre Jefferson will be four on March 25. He is a great-grandson of Archie and Margaret Fields, and lives in California.

Rick Polly will be 62 on March 26, and Charles Demery Sr. has a birthday March 26. Happy birthday to all of them.

Prayer list this week: Mike Fields; Melinda ‘Kay Kay’ Daniel; Shelia Younce Hogan; Judy Younce Rose; Frank Sturgill and Carolyn; Doug and Dana Sturgill; Carla, Tony, Joe and Destiny Maggard; Irene and Eugene Day; Agnes Maggard; Audrey and Charles Hammonds; Arthur Pendleton; Georgette Sims; Zane Day; Jeanne Adams; Archie and Margaret Fields.

So sorry to hear that Brenda Jones Howard died last week after along illness. She is formerly from Whitco.

Sorry to hear that Odessa and Rubin Lewis lost their home and belongings in a house fire. Glad they are okay. Material things can be replaced — people can’t. Prayers for you.

My son Mike and I found a good place in Pikeville to eat, The Windmill Restaurant. Home cooked and good lunch specials. They play music like I grew up with. A very friendly atmosphere. The lady said they had been there for years, but I just found it. It makes me think of the restaurant that was in the motel in Whitesburg, years ago, where the health department is now.

Well folks, guess I will go for now. Have a great week, attend the church of your choice and keep someone in prayer.

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