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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Ants, yellow jackets invade birdfeeder

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! It is a chilly morning in the Ohio Valley area with a touch of fog. There doesn’t seem to be as many birds coming to the feeder.

We may need to start a “Go Fund Me” page to pay for birdseed, and sugar for the hummingbirds. Just kidding as my son Keith Ballard and I both enjoy this simple pleasure.

Robins haven’t been in the yard for a couple of weeks. Robins are the only birds that won’t get near the birdfeeder; they seem to prefer hunting their food in the grass.

The woodpeckers have disappeared. This we can’t understand as they usually stay around even through the winter months.

Keith is having trouble keeping ants and yellow jackets from the hummingbird feeders. Now Keith won’t let me get Raid to spray the yellow jackets. If he knew I had been killing ants he probably wouldn’t like that either.

I am scared of yellow jackets, bees or any flying insect that stings, as a few years ago I was severely attacked by hornets when I stopped to visit Carl and Willa Mae Boggs.

Have you turned the furnace on yet? As of this writing my window air conditioner is turned off and I am seriously thinking about having Keith remove it. The electric heater that stays in the bathroom during extra cold is in the basement. Keith is bringing it upstairs today.

I used to tease about taking my last bath in October, but I might not make it until the end of September. I believe we are going to skip fall, or it is going to be a short cool. We’ll probably go right into long, cold winter months.

Again, I don’t really expect this coronavirus pandemic will end with 2020. Somehow I doubt if we will ever go back to our normal lives.

There is so much tragedy with the fires rampaging out of control, burning homes and taking so many lives. It is so heartbreaking, plus the hurricanes, the flooding, and the violence.

I wish the media would not keep bringing up Black Lives Matter, as to me All Lives Matter. Somehow I guess $12 million, plus how much more before it is over with, eases the pain.

As I think back over the past couple of weeks, I am still amazed as so many came Sunday to the Old Time Fiddlers music event, Ma Crow, Vicki Abbott, Elanora Denning, and especially Dale Farmer. Warren and Judy Waldron and James Hurst, Marilee Ege and John Steuver are the main musicians that are keeping O.T.F. hanging on.

I can set up everything, but I am not a musician. Since I can’t play music, maybe it’s a good thing I can cook. All they were paid was pot of potato soup and cornbread. The group had such a good time they are planning on returning Oct. 4.

For what I have read Ralph Stanley and Bill Monroe used to perform not getting much more than being fed.

I had made plans of being in the mountains this past weekend, however plans have a way of going astray for me. With the changing of the season and fall in the air my heart and feet sure are longing for the mountains.

I still miss heading for Carcassonne and Campbell’s Branch Community Centers. Even though I’m not able to dance, I was able to enjoy the music.

Keith knew I had made plans to go to the mountains for a few days, but he must have forgotten that I had cancelled them. Friday morning I placed several bags on the front porch and steps for the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store to pick up, as I donate to them. To my surprise Keith called, asking if I wanted him to bring my car around to the front of the house for me. I started laughing, replying that I wasn’t going anywhere, then Keith said well he didn’t see any suitcases. Keith really thought I was headed out, as I take so much with me each time I go to the mountains.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, I have your phone number on speed dial as I was going to call to see if you were going to be home some evening. I can almost see the fire, smell the smoke, and taste marshmallows.

Buddy and Bernice Grubb, I was planning on coming your way. Thanks for the beautiful card.

I decided to cancel my trip as I had several spots on my face that were precancerous and had to be removed. It left me looking as if someone had stuck a hot cigarette butt on my face. I said to Keith that my face had probably hurt others so now it was hurting me. Seriously, I had rather have a little pain now than it to keep growing.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold finally got moved into her apartment, which took all day and most of the night. Angie really likes it. Bennie hasn’t got to enjoy anything as he is taking in-home school and has to spend a lot of time doing homework.

I wasn’t able to help Angie move. Actually it was probably for the best. It is hard packing for someone else.

Angie said something that really made me laugh. When she would talk about moving from her old apartment because of some of the neighbors, I made the remark that she may have the same problems. There was so much noise above Angie at night, and then a couple who would sit below Angie’s balcony smoking and of course the smoke drifted up. Bennie would get the air freshener, trying to clean the air.

I stopped by Angie’s the day after they got moved in, and there stood a woman at the door with a pack of cigarettes. As I helped bring some things down to the car, the woman was sitting on the steps, chain smoking, smashing her cigarettes out on the concrete steps just a few feet from Angie’s balcony.

Then to make me really laugh, Angie said, “Mom, you were so right as the upstairs neighbors sound like a freight train, but I still love my apartment, and I am so glad that I moved.”

God answered a prayer as Angie was finally able to get her S.S. Disability. She has a new car and a nice apartment with a few new things. What aggravates me is Angie worked as a nurse over 25 years. She is still a nurse, just not active. There are people who work several years that don’t seem able to get what they have paid in.

Then there are people who have never worked a day in their life that can get something called SSI, which comes with insurance benefits, at the blink of an eye. Most of all what is upsetting is hearing of someone receiving approximately $800 a month in food stamps when two people are working. Then someone by themselves on SSI that receives around $1,000 a month, receives $16 a month.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing a little better. Ann is slowly recovering from her fall. Johnny looks the picture of health, as he never changes.

Les and Pat Wagner, I keep saying I will call to check on you and then time gets away from me.

Bertha Turner improved enough to leave the nursing home, and is home taking therapy. Wait and see, Bertha will be back dancing if Campbell’s Branch ever opens up.

There’s music being held at some places, so I don’t see why Campbell’s Branch isn’t allowed to have music. Maybe it depends on who you know.

If Carcassonne was allowed square dancing, I would purchase raincoats, gloves and masks for participants.

Bill and Mary Halcomb, I hope you manage to get all your produce safely in before frost hits this area. I have thought so much about you having fall beans.

My yard is a little empty as Keith sold the 1999 Cavalier that has been part of my life for 21 years. It had over 200,000 miles, still running good. Keith has two trucks.

Well, as usual I am running late.

Until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, OH 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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