Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Anxiously awaiting the irises to bloom

Hello again to each and every one!

Another month has come and gone, which means spring is closer! I have seen several green stems of daffodils in this area, one bunch of pansies in full bloom with snow around them, plus a few tiny crocuses that are blooming! I won’t have any crocuses this year as last year my son Keith Ballard did some landscaping, which consisted of digging around the fenceline placing plastic then putting red mulch to keep the weeds out!

I am anxiously awaiting the time when my iris will bloom to see what colors they are, that is, if they have survived this winter. As I sit here this morning looking out across the hayfield in front of my house, I can see just a little bit of green showing through and a little in my yard. I came home one afternoon and there must have been a dozen robins in my yard, oh they looked so beautiful.

I said I was thinking about selling my house, which really might be the best thing to do. I am having handrails put beside my front steps as I am getting afraid to go down them at times. It would be my luck to buy a small camper then get so disabled I couldn’t drive it. I am smart enough to know a recreational vehicle depreciates very quickly, although the idea is still very intriguing.

Oh well, who can predict the future? Just when you think you have a plan something happens to mess it up.

When Keith is here fooling around in the yard, I see how much he loves this place. There’s a concrete trailer pad out back so he can work on his truck or cars. Keith was 12 years old when we moved here!

The trailer pad has served the purpose for lots of enjoyment for our children when they were small such as skating, playing hopscotch, and on the end of the pad was a basketball goal. Over the small embankment there was room for a bonfire until we put the fence up. One summer we put up a two-room tent and the kids even took a small television when the kids had friends over. In these troubled times there’s no way I would let a group of kids sleep outside.

When my daughter Anna was younger, she would have so many girls here for sleepovers. I think they slept partly under the bed, in the hallway and everywhere they could find room after almost talking all night. This house and yard have held a lot of memories for our children, as I have lived here 38 years. I know there are hundreds of people who have lived in one spot and given it up, I guess I am just not ready yet!

When my husband and I first walked through the door of this house, I fell in love with it. It seemed as if the house put its arms around me (if a house had arms). I have never felt that way about anything!

As I take enough time to look across the field, it always gives me a peaceful feeling. There are two other settings I love, one is to be far up in the mountain in a cabin, the other where my friend Sue Courtney lives overlooking the Ohio River! I love the water but don’t want to live where it can get to my house and I face that danger here at times!

I enjoy communicating with so many people from the mountains on the website Southern Ohio known as Facebook! I especially enjoy the music of Astor Taylor and William Caudill, and the scenery on William Caudill’s CD’s is absolutely breathtaking. I believe they are taken by Wanda Lene Watts.

I enjoy watching the news on my computer from WYMT. There’s a place you can comment and someone had enough nerve to make fun of another person’s loss! I know what it is like to experience a tornado. In 1990 our roof was damaged, and we lost part of our furniture in 1964 flood. In 2007 Hurricane Ike damaged our house once again. I had to have a new roof put on, and got shafted by the company who did the work also! It really takes a lowlife to make fun of anyone in these conditions!

Belated birthday wishes to my grandson Jamie Gray, who turned 18 years old Feb. 28, to my granddaughter Jessica Nottingham, who was nine on March 1. Jessica shares a birthday with my brother Richie and Wanda Hall’s grandson Chase Caudill, who was 10 March 1. Chase is the son of Crystal Caudill of Hamilton, Ohio.

I was on my way to take Jessica a birthday card when I got a phone call that turned my world upside down. It was from my son-in-law Scott Nottingham asking if I was still planning on going to their house. I told him I was within a short distance, he said great!

The next statement threw me for a loop as Anna and Scott were at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati with baby Kyle. They had taken him to the doctor and were sent straight to Children’s. He had to undergo surgery as there was an obstruction in his intestines or stomach that was making him throw his formula back up. Anna is a certified medical assistant and she works for Kyle’s group of pediatricians.

I was needed to watch the girls after school. Needless to say, as I drove the short distance on to their house tears were streaming down my face so hard I could hardly drive. I made it to the hospital just a few minutes before baby Kyle was taken into surgery. I got stuck in traffic and Scott got stuck in traffic coming from the Kentucky side and didn’t make it on time.

Baby Kyle came through surgery fine, however the surgery didn’t correct the problem as yet. Anna didn’t leave his side except for a very brief time when we went to the cafeteria during his surgery.

Eighteen years ago on Feb. 28, Jamie was born with pneumonia. After I got off work at night, I would go to the hospital. Jamie had needles and tubes everywhere for 12 days. Here it is forwarded 18 years later and I have to stand by while a precious five-week-old is going to surgery.

Four years ago my little sidekick Bennie was born prematurely and I had to see him with a needle stuck in his head. Knowing this tiny scrap of humanity had no formula for 24 hours and was going to have surgery tore my heart out of my chest. Of course I couldn’t let Anna see me falling apart.

Scott is a pretty big guy and knowing he is a policeman and can’t help his own baby, I couldn’t have felt more love for him had he been my own son! Scott’s mother has been gone for about 11 years.

I have enjoyed spending the time with Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, although I have spoiled them this week. We have visited Mc- Donald’s, I have treated them to KFC, and took them to the park and about froze my behind off as the wind decided to pick up. Sarah said I looked like an Eskimo. The girls weren’t cold as they were running and playing. I sat on a swing and, yes, it was rather chilly.

The next night I stayed with Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn. When Scott came home, Katelyn didn’t want me to go home. My precious baby grandson Kyle and Mom came home from the hospital. Kyle still has to be monitored.

Gwen Huff Farmer spent a week with her son and is glad to be back home. I will have more on her trip next column as I haven’t talked to her. Gwen has lettuce and onions planted. I knew she would as quick as she could scratch the soil.

I did have a brief computer chat with Shirley Wells. Oh how I wish I could see her!

Before I knew all this was going on with baby Kyle, oh the longing just to keep driving south toward the mountains came over me. I had a full tank of gas, the sun was shining so bright, I was so tempted just to keep driving then I let common sense take over. First I need an oil change, then when I looked at my cell phone I am glad I didn’t let the urge just to keep driving take over, plus it is such a long way, and driving at night.

I haven’t heard anything about Bill Proffitt since I went to visit him. Bill has lost so much weight. I will try to go back this week to check on him.

Since being at my granddaughters’ house I have learned to fool with a laptop computer.

I did talk to Ann Calihan for a brief period of time; she sends her love to all her friends and family.

My sympathy goes out to Coolie Jr. Calihan in the loss of his sister.

Alberta Bailey, I promise I will try to get in touch with you sometime soon.

March 4 would have been our mother’s 92nd birthday. Mom has been gone almost 16 years.

Clarence Halcomb, this is for you!

By the time most folks get to greener pastures, they can’t climb the fence, so enjoy each day as it comes.

Well, I figured out why I’m so fat. The shampoo I use in the shower runs down my body and the bottle says, “for extra volume and body.” I’m going to start using Dawn dishwashing soap. It says, “dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.” I stole these from a Facebook friend Frieda Boggs and my friend Donna Perry. Thanks to all the strangers who seem like close friends on a website called Facebook.

Until next time!

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