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Appalachian Festival a success

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone!

I sure hope everyone is staying dry wherever you may be! I think I may be needing the canoe that belongs to my daughter Anna Nottingham that sits along side my house.

Appalachian Festival was this weekend. I went Saturday and it was glorious. A more perfect day you will never see, and then Sunday it rained all day with no let up.

The music this year was great as always. One of the entertainers, Susan Pepper, is so extraordinary as she sings ballads and plays old timey. Susan is interested in old Regular Baptist Church in the Hamilton, area. If anyone knows of a church, please let me know.

I had such a great time talking to so many that I am afraid to start mentioning too many names. Judy and Warren Waldrup play with Rabbit Hash String band, with Russ and Barb Childers. I really love this music.

Calamity Rain with Deb Whitaker singing is wonderful. Deb is such a beautiful person. Deb and her husband Dave are the reason Appalachian Festival is such a success.

Sunday was such a rainy day, yet when I woke up I knew the rain wasn’t going to stop me as a special group of friends were scheduled to play, Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers. Oh it was worth the trip just to see these girls.

The day started off with church service, then Ginny Hawker and her husband Tracy Schwartz has a gospel singalong.

At first I joined in with the singing, then emotions took over. I had to fight back the tears as somehow time slipped back to a young girl sitting in the little Tolson Creek Church listening to Herman Caudill or Andy Bates recite the words then the congregation sing the words.

Ginny Hawker has such a powerful way about her, and such a beautiful voice. Anyone that has never heard her sing sure has missed out on a lot. I didn’t stay for the entire show as I had other things I needed to do and not fun at I had a trip to Brookeville, Ind.

Mother’s Day is always hard for me, this one especially.

My heart is broken for the family of Hayward and Vivian Day. Vivian was one of the sweetest, most gentle women I had ever met. Vivian was the sister of Ann Calihan.

Hayward knew our dad Clayton Hall when then were young. If I was half as great as Vivian thought I was, then I would be perfect.

Hayward, Vivian and Kim were always present at Letcher County Days. Vivian would always make peanut butter fudge, among other things.

As Vivian would set the container of fudge on the table, I would tease her and snitch a piece, saying, “I was going to have a piece of her candy in case I die before we had our food.” One year we had music with Matt Glazer, Bob Bryant and Larry Smith.

Hayward teased me about dancing on the table, but he actually held my hand as I climbed on the picnic table and danced a few steps.

Their daughter Kim is so special to me. As I was walking to speak to Kim, she started smiling. Her older brother was standing beside her and he said to Kim, “Well, I can tell you know this lady as you are smiling so big.”

Kim has a twin brother named Tim, and I believe their brother’s name is Terry.

I am getting so bad with names, I am almost afraid to mention without writing them down.

Polly Ann Maucher, Coolie Jr. Calihan, Bill Halcomb, Collin and Cenia Whitaker Graves were there.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s son Dale Calihan never changes in his looks. Their daughter Sue Wagner was in from South Carolina, and oh, how I love this girl. With all the sadness, Sue and her family had to attend a graduation, then Sue lost her dog in the midst of all.

Carl Crase is a cousin to Hayward Day.

I called Carl about Vivian and then forgot to call him back with the information. I finally did get my brain working to call Carl back.

A friend took me to Molly Malone’s in Covington. I had heard of the place for several years, just never had gone. This is a nice place where musicians gather, and when I walked in there were several musicians I have known for several years.

I finally went to see my friend Matt Glazer’s wisteria vines. I almost waited too late. There were some blooms holding on as if waiting for me to come and take a look. Oh the aroma is so wonderful, and these vines are so thick you could sit on Matt’s deck and not get wet on a rainy day unless it was pouring.

I did something that will make you laugh. I went to the Coon Hunters Club, dressed in a hurry, and grabbed a pair of shoes from under my bed. When I pulled in the parking lot I looked at my shoes, and here I am 35 miles from home and I have a navy blue shoe and a black one. I was back in my car and headed back home before I had to explain to someone why I was leaving.

On the way home I decided to stop at the Family Dollar to see if they had a pair of shoes. I found a pair of girl’s black tennis shoes, but what was so funny is that I had decided to wear a pair of bib overalls that I hadn’t been able to get into for several years.

A couple of people told me how cute I looked, but I was laughing inside.

I talked to Betty Ison, and I am sorry to say Betty hasn’t been feeling too well for the past few days.

Gwen Huff Farmer is still plugging along with her garden and flowers.

I am sure Shirley Wells had a good Mother’s Day with her family.

My brother Richie Hall and Wanda probably had her family for dinner, which I know everyone enjoyed.

My sister Loretta Church will be going to Central Baptist for an operation on a blockage in the arteries in her neck. As quick as I know details I will be heading there to be with her.

Well, maybe next week I will have a more interesting column.

Special Deliver y is scheduled at Hunter’s Pizza on Monday night. Maybe I will get to go and see my newfound friends Les and Pat, and maybe Don will show up too.

Hello, Les, it sure is great to tease you.

I want to say once more thanks for all prayers, cards emails and phone calls. I will never forget how kind everyone has been to me, in fact I guess I really never knew that I mattered that much to anyone.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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