Whitesburg KY

Appalachian Festival held in Ohio

Southern Ohio

Hello once again!

Pull up a chair grab a beverage and let’s chat for a spell. Give me a minute to get a drink of water since that is all I can seem to tolerate.

Can you believe this weather? One day it is beautiful and the next day you need heat. Ricky Caudill said this is blackberry winter. Well, I am tired of any kind of winter.

Since I almost have my girlish figure back, notice I said almost, I would like to be able to show it off, not cover up with my overcoat.

Now you’ve had your laugh. Oh, I hope you didn’t have a drink of coffee or Coke in your mouth.

I really hope all you mothers, grandmothers and everyone had a very beautiful and blessed Mother’s Day. This year was special for me, yet a sad one. Thanks to my children for the phone calls, gifts, cards and flowers.

My daughter found me an electric blanket, and since the weather has gotten rather chilly she wants me to share it with her. Not unless she comes here she isn’t getting it. I will be like a child, and keep my blankie.

Thanks, David Kenner, for the surprise package just in time for Mother’s Day.

It seems I missed my mother more this year than I can remember in a long time.

I think I have been out of contact with people so much for the past year or so that I have tried to jump in and run when my legs say whoa, wait a minute!

This weekend was Appalachian Festival at Old Coney. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to volunteer or not. Yes, I did go. I had a couple of bad times that I had to make a fast departure from the crowd. I still managed to make the most of the day.

It was such a pleasure to meet up with Les and Pat Wagner to get to watch and listen to Tony Hale and Blackwater Band.

During the show I wanted to talk to Pat as I knew Les would say, “Now I came to listen to music so please be quiet!” I have to pick on Les somehow.

Once again, you can feel the love that radiates with this wonderful couple, and I feel so special to be able to call them friends. What amazes me is they know how silly I am and still are my friends.

One of these days Tony may say, “Throw that bunch out.”

Actually we enjoyed seeing two shows with Tony & Blackwater. It has been some time since I had been able to go anywhere, and I enjoyed it so much.

I meant to say hello to Tony’s parents and somehow we went in different directions.

I have really missed being out enjoying music with Les and Pat. It was really great seeing people that I haven’t seen in months.

I left Old Coney before the last show, which is unusual for me to do.

Saturday morning, I planned to return to volunteer again, instead I awoke and all my bones decided to talk to each other and I could hardly walk through the house. I was very nauseated too, so I decided it was best to stay home. It was such a beautiful day but I didn’t get out to enjoy it until late in the evening.

Vicki Power and I decided to drive to College Hill Coffee Co. to see Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers. Now that was a really wonderful two hours also.

Sunday morning, I ventured back to Appalachian Festival to volunteer and as usual it had to rain, and it also turned very cold.

I did a shift of volunteering, then listened to a couple of bands. The temperature dropped a little more, and even though I was dressed warm I could still feel the dampness creeping in. I had a blanket in the car, but it was raining too hard to go get it. When the rain subsided a little I left to come home, so I missed a lot of good music.

Oh well, at least I was out and about.

The worst thing about being out in public, especially at a music event, is that people are eating everywhere I turn.

I feel like carrying a sign that says, “I mind if you eat,”or saying, “Hey didn’t your mom teach you not to eat in front of other people?”

When I came home from Appalachian Festival I was so chilled and damp I curled up with my electric blanket and fell asleep. When I awoke I thought it was morning, and it took me a little while to realize it was still at night.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter, Sue Wagner, came home, so I know Ann had a good Mother’s Day as all their children were home.

I meant to call Doyle and Betty Ison and let time get away from me. I will make sure I do that in a few days.

Hello to Mart and Sue Hall. Sue was in an accident and is still in a lot of pain. I wish I was close enough to be a little help to her.

Hello to Mike and Marcia Caudill. Marcia, my flowers are really growing.

My irises are so beautiful. My son, Keith Ballard, transplanted them all around the fence in my yard.

Well, it is getting late so I better get this on its way. Stay safe until next time.

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