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Appalachian Wireless to offer scholarships

Appalachian Wireless, a division of East Kentucky Network and a leading provider of wireless telecommunications products and services in eastern Kentucky, is increasing its scholarship program to assist students with higher education expenses.

Gerald Robinette, general manager/CEO, said Appalachian Wireless will continue its scholarship program that has provided $8,000 so far to graduating seniors.

“This scholarship program is just another way that we at Appalachian Wireless are investing in the future of our region,” stated Robinette. “We are committed to serving our customers and supporting the communities in our service area. By assisting students with attaining their goal of higher education, we touch lives at a personal level, and I am pleased to announce that this year, we will be increasing the scholarship from $500 to $1,000. Eight students will receive a $1,000 scholarship this year,” Robinette stated.

Designed to enable Appalachian Wireless customers to ease the burden often associated with costs of higher education for their children, the scholarship money received by the student can be used for tuition, books, housing, or meal charges. High school guidance counselors will be receiving the application packets over the next few days. A downloadable application also can be found at the Appalachian Wireless website at www.appalachianwireless.com.

Only students who are customers or whose parent or guardian is a customer of Appalachian


Wireless will be eligible and the scholarship will be awarded based on financial need, academic performance, school, and community involvement, personal essays and letters of recommendation. An independent panel will review the application materials. The guidance counselor will be notified of a student’s award and students will receive notification of being scholarship recipient at their year-end awards ceremony.

Interested students are asked to visit the Appalachian Wireless at www.appalachianwireless.com or can contact Crystal Hamilton at (606) 477-2355 or (800) 438-2355.

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