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Appalshop launches ‘media tech’ service here

Mountain Tech Media, a diversified technology and media services company, launched its organization this week at Appalshop in Whitesburg.

“Quite simply our mission is to help organizations and businesses reach new peaks,” said Jeremy Mc- Queen, Mountain Tech Media’s CEO and co-founder said Monday at the organization’s launch.

An initiative of Appalshop, Mountain Tech Media (MTM) seeks to support businesses in Appalachia in areas such as web design, marketing, social media and video production.

“MTM is a vision driven diversifying technology and media services company,” said McQueen. “We offer multi-media production, both audio and video, web design, social media management, advertising services, graphic design, photography, screen printing and network solutions.”

McQueen said when he interviewed for the position with MTM he was asked three questions: “Are you passionate about leading a business? Are you passionate about building something from the ground up? Are you passionate about leading a social enterprise that’s going to play a specific role in the economic transition in Appalachia?”

“My response was … If I wasn’t interested in all of those things, I wouldn’t be at this meeting,” said McQueen. “Likewise, if I still weren’t interested, I wouldn’t be on this stage.”

McQueen said companies such as MTM do not pop up over night.

“There are visions that dream big, phone calls, emails and meetings that plan every step,” he said. “There are dedicated people who put all of the care in the world into producing quality work that defines the mission and reputation of this company.”

McQueen said MTM’s chances of success are closely tied to its relationship with Appalshop.

“Through Appalshop, I should add, I’ve met lots of other great folks already and am working with them to help guide us forward with what we should do next,” McQueen said.

McQueen said MTM is already doing business as a company.

Kentucky Mist Moonshine and Heritage Kitchen, both of Whitesburg, were in attendance for MTM’s launch.

Josh Little is a reporter for the Appalachian News- Express in Pikeville.

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