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Apples are ready for stack cake for family gathering

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’all, it’s been hot and humid here, but I just heard the weather forecast. They said it could be down in the 60s tonight and some places could even see — or rather feel — some 50s. We could use a small shower.

I saw my first plum grannie today and the first cucumber. We’ve been having fresh tomatoes, and beans are plentiful. I put four more gallons in the freezer, and cooked and shared a pot full with Bill and Redia and gave them enough for a good cooking.

We’ve talked to Carleta and Goldie. From what all say things in Letcher are going well, at least for Red’s family. We haven’t heard from any of mine but do expect them to start coming in Friday. I will be really disappointed if they aren’t all here. I’ve been really busy getting food ready. Dried apples are ready for putting in crust and baking. I will make the crust Friday morning and will also bake a stack cake. Red went on a Macintosh apple hunt yesterday. Hooray! He was successful and now they are cooked, sweetened, spiced and ready to slap on the cake layers.

I want to apologize to all I owe letters to. I have written dozens of letters but somehow they never did get on paper. After this weekend, I will have some free time (maybe) to get caught up. We do have the Letcher County picnic, come Sept. 13.

Red’s back is better from his fall in the bean patch and my hearing is much improved but not back to normal. Soon!

I want to send birthday wishes to a dear friend, Mildred Perdue in Sterling, Va., who will celebrate on August 7. I should have said belated birthday because by the time this is printed, she will have added another whole week. Time do fly. And in case I forgot, happy birthday to cousin Janice Jordan in Sunman, Ind., who had a birthday on August 2. To any and all who have August birthdays I send you my love and best wishes for a long and happy life.

Hello to dear friend Emile Schmidt in Shepherdsville. I really enjoyed our conversation and do hope everything is well or at least better. I will be in touch after this weekend.

My deepest sympathy to the family of Ellis Duncil, who died August 6 at Pikeville Hospital. Ellis was a resident of the Millcreek or Deane area. He was married to Mabel Quillen, sister of my sister-in-law, Jettie. He also leaves a son, Jimmy, and his family and I’m sure some of the Duncil family survive.

It was another busy day for Red and me. We’ve worked on beans practically all day. We gave Richard and Georgia a peck, put two gallons in freezer and have enough to cook a huge pot.

Well, Catharine got off early so I will make this a short one.

Y’all have a good week, stay well, stay happy and keep smiling. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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