Whitesburg KY

Appreciate your mother

Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone signifying that another year has come and gone, many mothers who were here last year are no longer here.

I wonder how many mothers were not even thought of, especially those in our nursing homes. Many were put in there because of dire necessity, but many because they were just in someone’s way, and the caregiver had no financial gain by having them around. Therefore they needed to be confined and in most cases, against their will. Even if they weren’t in some institution, many were not thought of with love.

All the times Mother sat and rocked them when they were sick or kissed away pain or fever. After all, a little love and tender loving care can do wonders for young and old alike.

Mothers have worked hard, made a lot of sacrifices and changes in life to raise their children, and often by themselves. But they learned to cope and do the best they could on what they had.

Years ago, there weren’t so many hand-outs from different sources. But at one time they had commodities. Some people called them calamities, in part because of the difficult time they had getting to the location where they distributed them.

A lot of people didn’t appreciate the food they got and yet they wouldn’t share with those who weren’t as fortunate. But some people can’t be satisfied. If you give them gravy they want biscuits to go with it, or vice versa.

When I refer to mothers I mean just that — mothers. There are mothers and there are child-bearing women. There is a world of difference between the two.

If you still have your mother, take care of her, love and respect her. I didn’t have or get that opportunity because Mother died when I was three and I had a stepmother before I was four.

Enough said.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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