Whitesburg KY

April is month for anniversaries

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a good week.

Our good friend and neighbor lost his home in a fire this past week. I really hate to hear that. I am sure the Lord will provide you with a new home and furniture. Just keep the faith. Thank the Lord you were not home at the time, Stanley Pack.

April is here, and my son, Chad, will be 34 years old on April 5; my niece, Pam, will be 40 on April 9; and my nephew, Wayne Fields, will be 44 on April 17. I hope all of you have a good one.

Happy anniversary on April 22 to Dorothy Jean and Glenn Miles, and their son, Paul Miles, and his wife, and also my sister, Kathy, and husband Eddie Wolfe. All share the same date.

“Wedding anniversaries, they come but once a year,/ and we hope this one will bring you cheer./With the Lord and Savior to be your guide,/in the clouds of Glory you will be His Bride.”

I was always told that “April showers bring May flowers.” We will soon find out, as it seems like we had quite a bit of rain in March.

Also, Anna and Johnny Collier have a wedding anniversary on April 22. May God bless you both.

Audrey and Charles Hammonds went back home to North Vernon, Ind. They had been down here a week. Their granddaughter, Shania Dobson, had a birthday and wanted Nana and Papaw to be home before she had birthday cake. Late happy birthday, Shania.

Some people don’t show any respect. The other day we were going to Virginia and when we got to Payne Gap, we saw a police car, fire truck, hearse and the funeral procession. Some of us pulled to the side of the road and waited like we have always been taught, and a small, blue truck and a gray truck went speeding by and did not slow down for anything.

Hopefully it was not one of their loved ones.

If anyone has a truck with a fifth wheel on it that can turn a 33-foot camper around for us, please call 633-0439. thank you very much.

I would like to say hello to Delzie Banks and his sister, Marie, over in Cumberland.

Until next week, attend the church of your choice and be good to one another.

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