Whitesburg KY

April is Whitesburg clean-up month

Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft has declared April the city’s clean- up month. “With the help of all citizens,” he said, “we can achieve a level of cleanliness that equals only the level of pride we take in showing off our city to the rest of the world.”

Craft and the Whitesburg City Council say they are “committed to the ongoing process of ensuring that our town matches the beauty of the mountains in which we all live.”

The City of Whitesburg is working with various clean-up and beautification groups and committees within the city limits to aid in the interpretation and enforcement of city ordinances, the use of property in zone areas, and the prolonged storage of items associated with a business. The long term storage of items on outside of a building can result in rodents and wildlife, which become a nuisance and a danger to the business’s patrons, utility workers, employees, citizens and visitors, said a city spokesman.

For more information on the clean-up effort, call 633-3700.

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