Whitesburg KY

Archie Fields home from hospital

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hoping all had a good week.

My brother, Archie Ray Fields, is home from the hospital and doing well.

If my son Mike keeps his sugar down and everything goes well, he will have surgery on his foot (planter wart) on July 11 at Jackson.

Agnes Maggard still has a cast on her foot and now she has gout on the toe on her other foot. Keep her in prayer.

It was good hearing from Virginia Ann Gilley. She called the other day. It’s always good talking to her.

Judy Fields of Cowan has a birthday on June 30. Happy birthday to her.

Thelma Bates has a birthday July 1. Happy birthday and have a good day.

Anna Maggard will be 47 on July 2. Have a great day. Happy birthday, cousin.

Joe Bates and Dorothy Jean Miles both have birthdays on July 3. Happy birthday to them.

Also, Amber Trent’s birthday is on July 4. Have a good one, Amber.

Happy second wedding anniversary to Juanita and Marty Smith on July 2.

The Willie Fields and Susan Maggard Fields reunion will be held Saturday, July 7, at the Kingdom Come State Park, Shelter #2. Everyone come and join the fun, and bring a covered dish. It starts at 10 a.m. All who don’t show up with have to answer to Isom Fields. Ha, ha!

I received good reports from my mammogram and other tests I had done, praise God. Now if only the pain in my legs, hip and back would go away I would feel a lot better. Everyone tells me to exercise more, but it is hard to even do simple things around the house. Either I have pain in my lower back or my legs won’t move very well. I feel like an old woman. Ha, ha!

Tim Amburgey is in the hospital and needs our prayers, and also James Wiley Craft has been very sick. The Drad Fleming family all are in need of prayer this week.

Also those who had an accident on the by-pass. I’m not sure how they are doing, but pray for all of them.

I am sorry that I did not make it to the memorial service for Hubert Caudill. He was a son of the late Ruthie and Otis Caudill, formerly of Cowan. I know it had to be hard for his brothers and sisters to say their final good-byes to him, but may God comfort them.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer with lots of picnics, swimming, horseback riding, etc. Just be careful and not too much sun.

Pray for all the coalminers and families who are affected by the layoffs. It’s hard times already, and now this. It affects everyone. Jobs are scarce and mining is something that, with a lot of them, is the only thing they know and has been in their family for years. Pray that God provides their needs.

Well, hopefully everyone has a good week. Be good to one another and attend the church of your choice and pray for everyone.

Until next time.

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