Whitesburg KY

Archie Fields turns 67 on Sept. 12

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. What a great week.

My granddaughter, Ashley Fields, her friend Steff and son Dakota Ballard, came down for the weekend to go to Isom Day’s rodeo and of course to see us. We all went to the Pine Mountain Grill, along with Mike and Melinda to eat last Saturday. We all had a good time.

I received a letter from Ella Preston and was so glad to hear from her. I had been thinking about her for awhile, and it made my day.

Happy 67th birthday to Archie Fields, Sept. 12. I’m glad he is older than me, even though I am not too far behind. We love you, Archie, and have a great day.

More birthdays will be in next week’s paper.

Our sympathy goes to Bill Meade’s family. His wife, Patricia, died. Keep them in your prayers as well as James Andy Sturgill’s family. He died a couple of weeks ago. Both were from Kingscreek.

Needing prayer this week are: James Sturgill, Doug Sturgill, Dana Sturgill, Carla Maggard, Tony Maggard, Mary Ann Maggard, Estelene Shepherd, Charles Large and Irene and Eugene Day.

Keep everyone in your prayers and have a good week.

Until next time, may God bless each and every one.

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