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Archie Ray Fields marks 65th birthday

Another sad week for Big Cowan. Sonya Rita Rayburn Money and Glen Ratliff died within a few hours of each other. Both had been suffering for awhile. Our sympathy goes out to both families and may the Lord bless all of you and give you strength.

Earl Rayburn’s nephew Roger Blevins made a wrong turn for Whitesburg and stopped by our place for directions. He said he was the son of Earl’s sister Opal. Nice meeting him. Wish it had been under different circumstances. Hope all of the families from other places made it home safely.

I want to wish Adron Michael Lee Roberts a happy second birthday on Sept. 18. He lives in Copperas Cove, Tex., with his mom Jessica, sister Tymon, who will be four in November, and dad Zach Roberts. He is the grandson of Ruby Lewis and Jeff and Vivian Roberts of Cowan, and the great-grandson of Rubin and Odessa Lewis of Linefork, also a step-grandson of Nettie Roberts. They all love him very much and wish him a very happy day!

Keep in your prayers Vivian Roberts, Hazel and Earl Rayburn, Odessa, Ruby and Rubin Lewis, Irene and Eugene Day, Audrey and Charles Hammonds (not much improvement in Charles’s arm, has to go back to the hand surgeon for evaluation in a few weeks), Agnes, Anna and Bill Maggard, my husband and I, our children and grandchildren, my brother Archie and his family, my sister Kathy and her family, and the lost, shut-ins, homeless, those in the hospital and nursing homes, all our friends and neighbors, our community, and our country.

My husband and I had a nice visit with Linda, Christy and Rick Polly on their new front porch. Also, Joe Bates stopped by. We really had a good time fellowshipping with them and we also saw their son Jamie. I loved spending time with Angel and Candy. It was a nice cool day.

Sorry to hear Tommy Tolliver was back in the hospital. Keep him and Janice in your prayers. Also, Chester and Eulene Hogg. (Love all of you and miss you.) I wanted to say hello to Wayne and Tammy Turner, Tim and Judy Amburgey, Bug Yonts and his wife, Fred and Naomi Smith, Charles and Shirley Day, Herb and Linda Fields, Leroy and Joan Fields, Marvin and Arlene Taylor, Judy and Astor Fields Jr., Pam and Marvin Taylor Jr. and their family, Roger and Debbie Eldridge, and Charles and Ann Adams.

My brother Archie Ray Fields celebrated his 65th birthday on Sept. 12, and my brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe is 54 today, the 15th. Hope both enjoyed and got plenty of birthday cake and presents.

Hello and congratulations to George Carlos Boggs and his wife Sandra. George is originally from Boggs Hollow on Kingscreek and Sandra is formerly from Sandlick. They live in Indiana. They look forward to reading my comments each week and I wanted to thank them. They are also looking forward to the arrival of their first grandchild in February. Their son Michael and his wife Christy Boggs are very excited about the upcoming birth of their first child. They do not want to know the sex of the baby. They want to be surprised. Congratulations to all.

Eddie Golden is celebrating his 15th birthday on Sept. 19. Happy birthday to him.

Fred Boggs Jr. and his wife Joyce have moved back to Kingscreek from Indiana. All are glad to have them back home. Their daughter Marcie and her husband Noach and their son Siah have already been to Letcher County to visit them.

My sister-in-law Margaret Pack Fields wanted to wish Archie a happy birthday on Sept. 12 and to tell him she loves him very much and hopes God will bless them with many more years together. She also wanted to wish her nephew David Fields a happy birthday. He is the son of Lisa Pack Fields and Frank Fields of Big Cowan. She also wanted to wish him good luck in his first year of high school at Letcher County Central.

Stacie and Rick Dobson, formerly of Columbus, Ind., are hoping to get a new home built on their land on Big Cowan. Best of luck to them.

Well, the car show was going on in Whitesburg this past weekend. Hopefully they didn’t tear up the newly paved streets. Also, hope everyone had a good time even though it rained.

Kathy, Eddie, James and I went to Harold last Wednesday so Eddie could see the doctor. We had a nice trip over there and back and ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Haven’t heard lately how Jody Fields is doing after his lawn mower accident. Keep him in your prayers. He lost his wife Alma a few months back and now this happened to him. Pray the Lord will give him strength and heal his body!

I saw Helen Scott Tolliver at the funeral home. I hadn’t seen her in years. She was looking good. Also, I saw Mrs. Preston and some others I hadn’t seen for awhile, but such a sad place to see them. I also saw the Potters. Good to see them again.

Well, my brain is going dead and my pen is about to give out so I guess I will get off here for now. Hope everyone has a good week. Attend the church of your choice, visit or call the sick, keep me in your prayers that my walk with God will get stronger and I will be able to forgive and forget what happened in the past. My husband and I were deeply hurt but we need to move forward and not backward. I haven’t been as good of a Christian lately as I had been, and I let my mouth get kinda loose. I pray that God understands and will forgive me.

I love everyone and I like for people to love me, but some people will not forgive and look over it. They want to hold a grudge against me forever. The Bible says judge not, that ye be not judged (Matt. 7:1). As long as God forgives me, I do not have to answer to man and keep asking them to forgive me. God forgives and forgets and sometimes we forgive but do not forget. I can only answer for what I have done wrong and those that continue to persecute will have to answer for their sins.

Well, until next week. I love all of you!

Congratulations to the Mayor and his new bride. Hope they will be very happy together.

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