Whitesburg KY

Are laws being overlooked?

To the Editor:

There are water problems in Letcher County and others in eastern Kentucky, like fuel oil getting into the rivers and streams.

We are putting in water lines in every community and spending tax dollars because wells are being destroyed with laws letting coal, gas, oil wells and storage tanks so close to rivers and streams where they can spill into them.

What have we gained when everyone hooks up to these water lines? We allowed this to happen and close down businesses and homes for days and weeks.

Do not the local, state, and federal governments inspect the storage tanks, silt ponds, oil, and gas wells, along with strip and deep mines run-off into our streams and waterways?

Are these laws being overlooked by the inspectors. I am not against oil, gas wells, storage tanks or coal mining, but I am against these companies with their blasting, messing up wells and water streams.

And they swear in writing that, if they mess up these wells and water streams before they start blasting, they will fix it.

Not when they have local, state, and federal people in their hip pockets. Because I have had a coal company mess up my well and they have done nothing.

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