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Are the Tea Party, Libertarian and Koch brothers the same?

Could it be that the basic tenets of the Tea Party, Libertarian, and billionaire oil rich Koch brothers are nearly the same? How might this have happened? Fact is that the Koch brothers have a foundation that has trained thousands of Tea Party activists and their unlimited monies flow to the Tea Party candidates.

According to a Bloomberg report, when David Koch ran for vice president on the Libertarian ticket in 1980, he promised to abolish Social Security, minimum wage laws, the Federal Reserve System, the FBI, and CIA, along with other federal agencies. Does this not sound like the Tea Party when they talk of getting rid of the EPA, weakening the power of FDA, cutting our FEMA, Social Security and reducing or eliminating all kinds of health care programs, the Department of Education and such? (Never mind the problems we have in our country with food and drug safety or the Deep Horizon oil spill in the Gulf or the loss of 29 Massey coal miners.) What many people do not remember is that the Koch Industries flaunted, evaded the law with secret sales to Iran and they were fined for taking oil from federal land and not paying for all of it. Add to this that their father, Fred Koch, did not support Civil Rights or the United Nations.

When you analyze and listen to Libertarian candidates closely, you will realize they are anarchists — wanting no rules or regulations, no effective government. With their views on health care for young and old, you can be sure the Libertarians, Koch brothers and many Tea Partists have not participated in bake sales for children with brain tumors, nor do they care if wiping out EPA might lead to ‘cancer communities’ like they have in China.

A tiny government for our large nation would be the mother lode for the likes of Koch Industries, Haliburton and such, as they would help themselves to the resources of the nation and let the needs of the people hang. The beautiful song and spirit of America is dying on the lips of the Koch Brothers Tea Party as they and their lackeys render constant castigation of the government and the economy. To repeat one more time — as Larry Summers, Secretary of Treasury under Bill Clinton, when speaking of the economy said, “It is confidence that helps fill the order books of businessmen and it is growth that matters most, not the debt.” GERRY SCARDO Clintwood, Va.

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