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Are we bored yet?

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Being bored isn’t good, especially for seniors. We need to keep our brain cells active, even if we can’t get out of the house for any mental stimulation due to the coronavirus. And we need to find ways to move each day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes at a time, to keep our muscles strong.

Look at YouTube.com for mild in-place exercises for seniors. Go online to find a kids’ basketball hoop and soft ball you can hang over the door. Look for a dartboard with magnetic darts. If you have an old Nintendo Wii console, hook it up and get some exercise with the bowling and tennis.

If you have an indoor hobby, call your closest store and ask if they have curbside pickup or can mail supplies to you. Put “online craft tutorials” in your Isnternet browser for new ideas. Tune up your guitar and order new strings. Find your old piano books if you have a piano.

To keep your brain stretched, if you get a newspaper, do the puzzles, even the ones you normally don’t try. Go online for other puzzles you can print out or complete online.

Go to puzzles.usatoday.com for a wide variety of online games. With the crossword puzzles you can choose your skill level (hints versus no hints). Use your keyboard to type in each letter. Try jigsaw puzzles, spelling games, backgammon (play against an opponent or the computer) or mahjong. Also look at Boatload Puzzles (www.boatloadpuzzles.com) for 40,000 crossword puzzles. For real brain stretchers look to Merriam- Webster (www.merriamwebster.com/word-games) or AARP (games.aarp.org). For short-term memory games, look at BrainCurls.com.

Meanwhile, here’s a puzzle for you. What is the next letter in this sequence? OTTFFSS__

The answer will be at the end of my next column.

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