Whitesburg KY

Are we having fun yet?

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

How is everything in the corner of your world? At least it isn’t as cold as it has been, I am thankful for that.

I had to laugh as I read of Bonnie Ingram’s furnace going out and it was 6 degrees. I wish it had been that warm when mine went out. We had several days of way below zero when my furnace went out.

It has been three weeks now and still will be two more weeks before I can get a furnace put in. Oh well, it will soon be summer and I won’t have to worry about it. I will never complain no matter how hot it gets.

Gee how time flies when you are having fun! Then there’s the question, “Are we having fun yet?”

I have my car back and I am a happy camper. The fuel pump had gone out so it was a little under $700 with two tows.

I wish I could say, “no worries,” but that isn’t in the cards for me as my commode started acting up. It has an excessive amount of lime in the tank. A friend was going to stop by and replace the inside for me, then I jiggled around and got it working. I really hated to bother anyone.

I thought it was alright until I started to get dressed to go out for the evening. I stepped in water in the bathroom and found the tank was leaking. I had to shut the water off completely, and while I was cleaning up the water I heard a loud boom. I thought it came from the side of the house or the basement.

Then I found I had no electricity. I went to the basement and no breaker was thrown so I called the electric company and they said it would be about three hours before they would have it back on.

Vicki Power, Daphne Korner and I had made plans to go to the Legion in Dillsboro, Ind., as several members of RR2 Bluegrass Band along with others were having a jam session. I couldn’t do anything except sit home without heat and electricity. I really wasn’t in the mood and couldn’t relax enough to enjoy the music.

It was really good to listen to the guys play and sing. It is no secret I could sit for hours to listen to Gary Eldridge sing and play the mandolin. It was good to see Bruce Murray able to pick and sing with the group.

A longtime friend of the band, Tony Hudson, played the upright bass. This was the first time that I heard Tony play. He is a very good bass player.

Greg Griffin is the banjo picker and does a mighty fine job, and he’s a good singer too,

When I got home my electricity was on, but when I sat down to the computer I heard the boom again. I heard when the electricity went out it damaged my computer, and I haven’t felt like going to look at a computer today.

As I sit here at my daughter Angie Widerhold’s trying to write this column, it is rather difficult as her keyboard is lower than mine at home. This column will be short.

Ruth Gibson, if you read this column please give me a call. Somehow your number was deleted from my phone.

I haven’t talked to anyone this week so I hope the Wagners and Stacys are all doing alright.

Betty and Doyle Ison are still waiting for the snow to stay away.

Shelby Bockover, I will try to get back with you this week. With things in such an uproar it is hard to concentrate to talk to anyone.

Please keep my cousin Beverly Adams in your prayers as Bev is in very desperate need of them. That whole family means so much to me.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall. Jerry is improving a little.

I seem to never get time to talk to Ann or Johnny Calihan anymore.

Hayward Day and your beautiful daughter Kim, I miss seeing the two of you also.

I was reminding of childhood days as I read about Ollie Whitaker being ill. I recall Ollie being a beautiful young girl. I stayed all night with her when she lived up on the mountainside on Mill Branch. I really hope Ollie gets better.

I am Facebook friends with several that I really have never met, yet we have ties to the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

Gary Eldridge needed a recipe for chocolate gravy, and I think there must be a hundred different ways to make it with almost the same ingredients, cocoa, sugar and flour. Mom, like so many others, never measured anything, and I am the same way. When the kids ask me lots of times I am so used to just fixing instead of measuring.

Happy birthday to my oldest granddaughter Jennifer Proctor, Feb. 22; happy birthday to my grandson Jamie Gray, Feb. 28; and happy birthday to another granddaughter, Jessica Nottingham, on March 1.

I am getting tired so I am getting this sent on its way. Maybe by next week I will have news to write.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513- 367-4682.

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