Whitesburg KY

Are you ready for Santa?

Hello everyone. Just a few words from the Ovenfork Center.

I hope everyone is ready, or just about ready, for old Santa Claus.

We had our monthly potluck. It was a wonderful day. We had some great music from our very own Darrell Caudill, Jerry Banks, Kester Halcomb and Bobby Howard. They did a great job .

We are glad they came and sang for us. We were also happy to get to see Bobby’s wife, Debbie. She’s a wonderful person.

We want to thank the Kingscreek Center for coming over to our November potluck.

We have had a couple of our people pass on from here, so we want the family of Bernis Maggard and Nina Hobbs to know that they are in our prayers, and anyone else who has lost a dear loved one.

Our prayer list includes all of our seniors, and anyone else who may need to be prayed for.

Until next time, we hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year, and if you are the age of 60 or over, come be with us at the center. We’d be happy to see you.

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