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ARH directors OK renovations here



Much has changed in and around the Whitesburg ARH since this aerial photo was taken in the early 1960’s. (Eagle photo)

Appalachian Regional Healthcare has approved funds to begin architectural design plans for a renovation and expansion at Whitesburg ARH Hospital that calls for more private patient rooms, a renovated intensive care unit and new obstetrical and nursery facilities.

The project, approved last week by the ARH Board of Trustees, will nearly triple the number of private rooms in the hospital and calls for the renovation of the intensive care unit to offer a more comfortable and private environment for patients and their families, ARH said in a news

The expansion project will also include the addition of a 12,500-square-foot patient care unit connected to the first floor at the back of the hospital. The new addition will house obstetrical services and post-operative surgical services for women, providing four labor and delivery suites and 17 private rooms, the news release said.


The patient wards on the current obstetrical unit and surgical floor will be renovated to make all private rooms for surgical and medical patients.

"Whitesburg ARH is continually working to improve our facility to better meet the needs of our patients. The new unit will provide patients more privacy, the ability to discuss confidential information with their physicians, and a more comfortable environment," said Ellen Wright, Whitesburg ARH Community CEO. "This project is another example of ARH’s commitment to providing the people of Letcher County the highest level of quality care and patient and family satisfaction that they deserve."

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