Whitesburg KY

Arminta Ison Jenkins returns to Texas


Billie C. Flannery Hippelheuser of Indiana, formerly of Cowan, died after a long illness. She was buried Oct. 9 at the West Ridge Park Cemetery and Mausoleum. Billie was the daughter of the late Kyle and Verna Flannery, and the sister of Sue Banks. She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert Hippelheuser, and an infant. She is survived by a son, Michael Adams, two daughters, Janet H. Byrd and Diane Hippelheuser, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Sue went to the funeral with her brother, Kyle Flannery Jr. from Atlanta. Also attending the funeral were Serena and Charlie Smith, daughter, Kimberly Laukin and Thomas Day.

Yvonne Brown Sutphin has returned from a tour bus trip to New England. She had a really good time, especially going on a whale sightseeing trip near Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Happy birthday to Elizabeth Combs Looney of Franklin, Oh.

Bennett and Linca Combs, Brenda Boggs, Regina Crawford, Ramona Finchum and Gerald Combs all attended the funeral of their brother and uncle, Shade Combs Jr., in Charleston, Ind., last week.

Arminta Ison Jenkins has been visiting family and friends here recently, and returned to Texas on Friday. On the way there, she went by Dotham, Ala., to visit her brother, Sol and Peggy, and their son and really enjoyed seeing them. Arminta and Linda went to Blackey Day, and she won a cake on the cake walk.

Get well wishes to Kendall Cook of Ohio. He is the son of the late Elmer and Maxie Book.

Get well wishes also to Dana Ison Walker of Naples, Fla.

The Pine Mountain Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held its memorial meeting on Sept. 10 at the Presbyterian Church in Whitesburg. The meeting was to honor the memory of deceased members Ruby Hogg Burkich and Kathleen Cornett Campbell. Members present were Regent Shirley Whitaker, Marsha Banks, Merlene Day, Rebecca Ann Reynolds, Linda Lucas, Patsy Nantz, Glenda Sexton, Kaye Combs Moore, Donna Richardson and Sally Caudill.

Guests present were Jack Burkich and daughter, Jennie, son Michael and wife; R.C. and Frances Day; Leigh Lewis Blankenbleckler; Clayton Caudill Black; Margaret Gentry; Lee Ann Mullins and others; Kathleen’s daughter, granddaughter and Ruth Ward; Carl Banks; Steven Sexton; and William and Jolinda Wright.

The October meeting of DAR was held at Dairy Queen. Members present were Regent Shirley Whitaker, Marsha Banks, Merlene Day, Rebecca Ann Reynolds, Linda Lucas, Kaye Combs Moore, Stella Elam, Mahala Frazier, Virginia Brown and Sally Caudill. It was an enjoyable and informative meeting, with members sharing stories and facts about their patriots, James Caudill Jr., Stephen Caudill, William Cornett, John Combs, Archellis Craft and Edward Polly.

The Cowan Community Homemakers met at the Cowan Community Center for the October meeting. They were honored to have Ann Bradley with them. She gave information on interesting meetings and workshops planned for November and December.

Those present who enjoyed a delicious meal were Ruth Shackleford, Anna Yonts, Billie Gilley, Virginia Brown, Vera Caudill, Frances Day, Dorothy Miles, Jeanette Dollarhide, Stacy Dollarhide, Georgia Phillips and Linda Lucas. They are planning a trip to the Mountain Arts Center for their Christmas program in December.

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