Whitesburg KY

Articles feature ‘Kentucky Giant’


Here’s wishing everyone a merry Christmas.

Aunt Eva Sergent said she enjoys reading my article and wants to say hi to Brush in Florida (who enjoys reading the paper too).

Get well wishes to: Geraldine Hall, Desta Hall, Kellie Fields, Paul Adams, Coy Riley, Eursula Cornett, Bonnie Kincer and Annette Isaacs.

Happy birthday to Clester Isaacs, Melissa Baker, Monica Sturgill, Adam Howard and Jacob Sexton.

The boys (Sons of the Confederacy) will have an article in both the Civil War
and the Civil War
titled ‘Martin Van Buren Bates, The Kentucky Giant.’ The article is written by Richard G. Brown, Anthony Hawkins and the Old General David Chaltis.

Welcome home to all the college students. We were happy that Brandon Jent made it home safely.

Visiting with Kathy and Eugene Hall were Steve, Jaime, Zach, Tyler and Mason Hall. Kathy fixed a big dinner for her children, her nephew Jason Holbrook’s family and her parents, Wilma and Charlie Holbrook, on Saturday.

Jason, Tina, Kyle, Seth and Riley visited with me and Clester and the rest of their family in Letcher County.

Efford and Von Tackett had a family and friends get together Saturday night. Food and friendship was great.

Prayers and sympathy to the families of Phillip Sergent, Jason Combs, Benjamin Webb and Debbie Sparkman.

A special thanks to all who have donated for the monument of Captain Martin Van Buren Bates. We appreciate each and every donation.

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