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Artwork on exhibit here

Works by a southwest Virginia artist are now being displayed at Summit City in Whitesburg.

Susan Wager, assistant director of the Lenfest Center for the Arts at Washington and Lee University, describes artist J.J. Cromer’s artwork as “meticulously detailed”.

“J.J. Cromer’s mixed media works of art seem like visual music,” said Wager. “Repetitive, rhythmic colors and shapes fill their surfaces. Sinuous lines wind through the patterns enclosing the fanciful figures — animal, human, object —that suggest poetic and philosophical themes within his work.”

Some of the artwork that is on display at Summit City, located on Main Street, are on wood.

“Mixed media for me is colored pencil, ink, acrylic paint, charcoal, oil pastel, and collage — either from old pieces of mine that I cut up or from found sources, like old photographs or advertisements,” said Cromer, of Pound, Va.

Cromer said he generally describes his artistic efforts as a balance between looking directly at political and social issues that concern him, which are mostly environmental, and closing his eyes and wandering intuitively from piece to piece.

“I like political art, but it too often hits one or two notes and doesn’t rise above propaganda,” said Cromer. “I generally err on the side of intuition, preferring questions to statements. Drawing for me is creating a world, mapping it, and finding myself lost in it, simultaneously.”

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