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Astor Fields Jr. to have heart surgery

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hope all had a good week!

It is snowing as I write this. Hopefully we don’t get as much as the weather guy has predicted. I really don’t mind the snow, it is the real cold temperatures that come along with it or all the ice.

We lost another neighbor from Cowan, Vivian Adams died. She was married to the late Carl Adams and was the mother of Carla and Danny Adams. Her funeral arrangements were incomplete at this time. I always thought she was a very beautiful lady and she always dressed really nicely. She will be missed by all.

Irene Day has had a really rough week. Besides her neck hurting so bad, her blood pressure has been dropping. Keep her and Eugene in your prayers.

Mary Lou Fields has been in the hospital. She is home now and still needs our prayers.

Astor Fields Jr. is to have surgery today (Wednesday) at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington. He is having open heart surgery. Please keep him and Judy in your prayers.

I remember when my husband had open heart surgery. It was rough on all of us, so I understand what they are going through. But by God’s grace and mercy, it has been 12 years and he is doing well.

Heather Day Griffie would have been 26 years old on Dec. 22. We all miss her very much. Pray for Frances, Jenny, Paige, Irene, Eugene, Emma, Chris and George on this day because I know it will be rough on them.

My youngest granddaughter, Michaela, is in cheerleading and they had a competition at Crawfordsville, Ind., on Saturday and they won. Next they are heading for Nashville, probably Indiana. I’m not sure yet if it will be Nashville, Ind., or Nashville, Tenn., but I wish them luck.

Shelby Bockover called the other day and said she missed seeing me when I was in Greensburg on Thanksgiving. The weather was so nasty we didn’t get out much. Sorry, Shelby! Hope you and Tommy are staying warm and have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Well, it won’t be long until Christmas. The Santa Train will be coming down Cowan on Dec. 18 and it puts a big smile on lots of faces, young and old. Thanks to Wayne and Tammy Turner for being so dedicated to making sure all kids have a good Christmas. This will be the third year since I have been here that they have had it, and most kids go home with their arms full. Some get bicycles, and one year Herb Fields gave me a little Teddy bear and I still cherish it. Wonder if this old lady will get anything this year from Santa. Hint, hint!

I already opened my gift from my husband and started using it. He got me a 10-piece cookware set of Paula Deen’s and it’s really nice. His gift didn’t work and he had to return it.

Well, I am running out of things to say. All have a good week and until next time, stay warm!

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