Whitesburg KY

Astor ‘Red’ Hatton calls her Mom

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. It’s a cold, rainy day here as I write this. The good thing is I don’t have to go back out.

I went to the funeral of Eddie Haynes, who lived in Georgetown, last Friday. He was formerly of Craft’s Colly. The funeral was carried out real well. Bro. Dock Frazier was the preacher and Sara Hatton and Randy Banks, and also Bro. Dock, were the singers, who all sang real good.

I told Randy that I remembered his grandfather, the late Tom Hale, and he sounded just like him — really good!

It was nice talking to my friend Lorraine Sexton the other day. She wasn’t feeling too well, though. I went to the hospital to visit Evelyn Kincer last week, and she was in surgery. I waited around until it was over, but she’s okay and I just left her a card in her room. She’s a good friend.

Also, Steve Taylor was in the hospital and then they sent him to Pikeville Hospital. I hope he is doing better.

Linda Jarrett called to tell me she ran into my son Astor ‘Red’ Hatton in Paris. Someone there said they were from Whitesburg, and Astor said he was from Marlowe. She said that if you are from Marlowe, you have to know Oma Hatton. Whitesburg

He said, “I know her well enough to call her ‘Mom.’” She said that he was working in a real nice place. I haven’t seen it yet.

He’s selling cars at Dan Cummings in Paris, and is doing real well. He’s a natural-born salesman. Go down and buy you a car!

It was good seeing Geraldine Haynes at the hospital. She is a good volunteer. She helped me get to where I was going. It’s hard to learn your way around since they’ve added on, but it’s very nice.

It was good seeing my niece Gabrielle (Howard) Adams and also Paul Adams. You can see lots of people when you go up there. Paul’s mother-in-law, Evelyn Kincer, was having surgery.

It was good seeing Pam Gardner of Norton, Va. at her mom Louise Shepherd’s home. Oh, by the way, Pam had her ‘Sayde’ with her, that’s her baby — we don’t call them dogs. Pam sure loves hers.

Steve Brewer, I appreciate you mentioning Clyde’s name in Struttin’ Time. Clyde left two beagles, Speck and Ranger. Ranger died last summer and another beagle came to take his place. He’s a beautiful dog and was scared to death. He was afraid of everyone and still doesn’t trust anyone but me.

He didn’t have a collar on and no one claimed him so I named him ‘Buddy’ and kept him. He loves me and I think he’s the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen. Clyde would have loved him too.

Aggie has been visiting her daughter, Carolyn Coots of Perry County. She came home and had to go back in Whitesburg Hospital. She’s been having a hard time and needs everyone’s prayers. She was hoping to be out soon.

We appreciate Bro. John Conn. He spends most of his time visiting hospitals and funerals, not just for his members. We all love him.

My niece Sherry (Hatton) Fields is very sick. I visited with her and her sister Margaret (Hatton) Combs was with her, and also her son Ken Combs and Sherry’s son Chris Fields, and some nice people, Wayne and Tammy Turner. It was nice meeting them. I hope Sherry is better by now.

May God bless all of you, and try to be in church somewhere this week.

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