Whitesburg KY

Attendance is up some at Jenkins after illness

Attendance remains below average in the Jenkins Independent School District following the closure last week caused by widespread sickness, but numbers have improved this week.

The district’s director of pupil personnel, Rondall Baker, said Jenkins had about 89 percent attendance Tuesday, with 48 students absent. That’s a significant improvement over Monday, when the district had about 80 percent attendance and more than 100 absences between the district’s two campuses because of flu and and strep throat.

“That 89 percent is a little low, but it’s better than a straight 80 percent attendance,” Baker said.

Classes were cancelled last week while district employees sanitized its facilities. Baker said he hopes to continue to see improved attendance among the district’s student body, which totals more than 430.

Baker said the bulk of the absences this week were at Jenkins Elementary School, which had 26 of its 181 students absent, for an attendance rate of 86 percent. Jenkins Middle- High School had 22 absences among its 253 students on Tuesday.

Baker said the school district has averaged about 92.5 percent attendance this school year.

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