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Audit firm praises Jenkins schools

The Jenkins Independent school system is in good financial shape and its financial records are well kept and in good order. That is the finding of the most recent audit of the system performed by Cloyd and Associates of London.

Auditor Madgel Miller attended the November meeting of the Jenkins Board of Education to talk about the audit. Miller praised the district’s finance officer, Candala Gibson, and her staff for being cooperative and easy to work with.

“The Jenkins finance staff has done a very good job of keeping good financial records,” said Miller. She added that there are no current corrections that need to be made in the way the district keeps its books. Miller described the report as the most desirable possible.

The board voted unanimously to accept the audit.

(Kayla Stambaugh, a 2012 graduate of Jenkins High School and new employee of Cloyd and Associates, accompanied Miller to the meeting. Miller introduced Stambaugh and said she has a very promising future with the company.)

In a related matter at Monday night’s meeting, Gibson said the district’s general fund stood at $776,328. She also told the board she has completed “red book” training with district athletic and other extra-curricular staff members. The document gives details of state laws governing the use and maintenance of activity funds.

In other business, the board heard a request from Greg Marshall of WKVG, a small AM radio station that broadcasts from Jenkins. Marshall said the current tower the station rents space on is being redeveloped and will no longer be suitable for AM transmissions. He asked the board to consider leasing the station a site near the Jenkins baseball field in Joe’s Branch. He said that WKVG would build its own tower on the location if the board approves. He said the new tower site would allow the station, which already broadcasts some Jenkins High School sporting events like boys’ football and basketball games, to broadcast 24 hours a day and expand its sports coverage.

Superintendent Mike Genton asked if having the tower might increase the danger of a lighting strike at the baseball field, but Marshall said federal law requires an extensive grounding system that would protect the area. He said the grounding system would probably decrease the likelihood of a lighting striking since it would be the tallest structure in the area. After Genton said he had no objections to the request, the board agreed to take the matter into consideration.

Board members also heard from Jenkins High Senior Alyssa Rose, who reported on methods now in use to increase student scores on ACT testing. Rose said the program helped here improved her math and science scores considerably since the last time she took the test, adding that her score in the math portion of the test went up from 24 to 33.

Burdine Elementary Principal Amanda Anderson told the board that staff and teachers there are working to get students reading at grade level and said the addition of a new reading specialist is making a big difference. She said that students are routinely placed in small groups for DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) sessions to provide more focused reading experiences.

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