Whitesburg KY

Auditors praise Jenkins Schools

The Jenkins Independent School System on sound financial footing with good financial practices, auditors Wallace Smallwood and Madgell Miller reported to the Jenkins Board of Education last week.

Reading from the “opinions” section of the audit, Miller, who works with Smallwood at Cloyd and Associates of Corbin and London, said, “You have a clean opinion. In accordance with accounting practices, that is what you want.”

The system’s total net position as of June 31, 2013 stood at $1,440,437 and the positive net change was $25,962. Smallwood told the board they had carefully examined the relationship between the board and the Jenkins Educational Foundation and found no issues, but both Miller and Smallwood told the board members to continue to be careful in monitoring activity funds because it is easy to make mistakes. Miller said that activity funds are often received in cash and are given to several different people, so it is important to keep a good record of them.

In other business, Board Chairman Durward Narramore Jr. praised the Jenkins football team and those players who stuck out the season. He said only 13 players had practiced for the final game.

Randy Johnson, owner and coach of the Letcher County Wolves semi-pro football team, approached the board to ask for the use of the Jenkins football field for practices and Wolves home games. Narramore said there are questions and issues over which the board would like to deliberate, and Johnson said he is willing to wait for the board’s decision. Johnson said the Wolves finished 10-1 last season and were third in a 610 team league.

Director of Pupil Personnel

Rondall Baker reported that attendance since the October board meeting stands at 91.31 percent and overall at 92.51.

He said he has met with District Judge Kevin Mullins, County Attorney Jamie Hatton, and Court Appointed Worker Mike Watts to discuss ways to increase attendance through the Truancy Diversion Program and all were very supportive.

However, Baker told the board that the judge’s office recently sent out 30 letters concerning attendance conferences over student truancy and only five parents showed up for the meetings.

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