Whitesburg KY

Audralaurin Rose Miles was born on Thanksgiving Day

Dear readers, I will try to get a few words out to all who read my news. I have had a bad week feeling tired and fever blisters came out on my lip. I hadn’t had one in 50 years or more. It really hurts and makes one ashamed to get out in the public.

We went over to my son David’s for a while on Saturday. Denise cooked Thanksgiving dinner there because of her daughter giving birth to another grandchild, a beautiful baby daughter named Audralaurin Rose.


She was born at the Whitesburg hospital on Thanksgiving Day. She is really beautiful, and her mom is Lauren Marie. Her dad is Mark Miles, and they live on Clover Lick. Their younger daughter, Rachel Lea, came up from Georgia and brought her one-month-old baby son. His name is Jack Dempsey, named after my bother, who was killed in 1949 in Portland, Indiana on the Fourth of July. He was 28 years old and was married and had two little girls. All three of us sisters were expecting babies then. It was a terrible tragedy for our mom and dad, and all the family.

But today we are so proud of the two new babies. The girls’ Aunt Debbie came over from Johnson City to be with them.

Well! I watched the landing on Mars, and it was strange to think about what they can do anymore. It is scary with no people, just working from Earth. I wouldn’t want to be there in that dry-looking place.

I hope all my cousins in Indiana are doing well. I’d love to see all of you, and also Lavene Jones and his wife. Hello to you two.

Hello to Shawn Stamper and his family, and his dad, James. I hope to get to come to Campbell’s Branch again and hear you play and sing.

My cousin, Tannie Campbell Cornett, talked to me this past week. She had been in the hospital at Hazard. Her doctor is Dr. Ratliff, and she thinks so much of him.

My son Don has been awfully sick and stayed the night in the hospital for observation. He fell and thought he had broken ribs, but thank God they were badly bruised and not broken.

Well, I will quit and go to put this in the office at Whitesburg. It is so cold out, and it is awful weather. I hope we make it okay. I will write again soon.

Note from the Eagle staff to Mrs. Ingram: Thank you for writing your column and delivering it to our office from Linefork even though you were feeling ill. As for the fever blister, ask your family doctor to prescribe valacyclovir to you in pill form. It takes care of fever blisters very quickly and efficiently.

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